An exquisite gift to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival

Friday, Aug 30, 2019 16:00

Besides being the second biggest occasion for family reunions in Viet Nam after the Lunar New Year, the Mid-Autumn Festival is also the prime season for mooncakes of all types, from homemade and imported ones to products made by renowned brands.

Usually mooncake makers get ready to launch their new products weeks before the Mid-Autumn Festival. Consumers preferences change every year, and while treasuring the taste, mooncake lovers are also amazed by new flavours, colours and styles.

Finally they would choose delectable mooncakes with beautiful packaging to both enjoy and gift them during this special occasion.

This year the market for mooncakes sees rich colours and fresh flavours such as tropical fruit mooncakes and imports from Japan, Malaysia and Hong Kong that are popular online.

However, some of these foreign-made mooncakes should be consumed with caution since their origins are almost untraceable and their quality is not assured by authorised agencies.

Made-in-Vietnam mooncakes preferred

Amidst the influx of imported mooncakes with varying prices and quality, smart consumers choose to put their trust in quality, made-in-Vietnam mooncakes.

Mooncakes from prestigious local brand names are trusted by consumers.

For this Mid-Autumn Festival prestigious mooncake bakeries such as Kinh Do, Givral, Brodard, Dong Khanh, and Nhu Lan have launched special items featuring exquisite fillings like crab, abalone, shrimp, and roasted chicken with XO sauce.

Meanwhile, luxury hotels and restaurants like Park Hyatt, Sheraton, Rex, and Winsor Plaza focus on chic and elegant designs for their mooncakes that reflect the brands top reputation.

There is also a strong presence of handmade mooncakes in the segment targeting middle-income consumers.

These mooncakes are favoured for their freshness, nice packaging and affordable prices.

Kinh Do embraces The Master in the Art of Mooncake Making

Mooncake packaging has evolved significantly in recent years and now comes in creative designs and materials like cut-out paper in 2014, faux leather in 2015, tin in 2016, fabric in 2017, and a combination of paper, fabric and wood in 2018.

Clearly, mooncake makers are tireless in making over their packaging to make sure their delicacies are not only great tasting but also visually appealing.

Kinh Do, a trend-setting mooncake maker with deep customer insight, presents the “Cau Chuyen Tinh Hoa - Tuyet Tac My - Vi - Tinh” (The Master in the Art of Mooncake Making) concept covering its entire portfolio for this Mid-Autumn Festival.

Inspired by unique, traditional Vietnamese patterns, Kinh Do's Thu (Autumn) and Trang Vang (Golden Moon) collections of mooncakes boast perfection in terms of packaging and flavours, created as they are with great passion and exceptional craftsmanship.

These include the “Trang Vang Kim Cuong” (Golden Moon Diamond) mooncakes that come in elaborate lacquer boxes that highlight the Le Dynastys gorgeous dragon and cloud patterns, and the Trang Vang Pha Le (Golden Moon Crystal) featuring the elegant, graceful image of the Nguyen Dynastys crane-feather fan and blue porcelain.

From the premium Golden Moon to the classic Autumn line, every Kinh Do mooncake is an artwork with unique design, colours and patterns that offer sincere wishes for health, wealth, success, happiness, peace, and joy for autumn.

Each intricate carving on a mooncake box makes Mondelez Kinh Do mooncakes a fine gift that meets the three critical criteria of art – recipe – love and enables consumers to offer their special ones not only a delicacy but also best wishes and thanks.

Every mooncake line from Kinh Do boasts outstanding design inspired by unique, traditional Vietnamese patterns.

Kinh Do is among the leading brands that keep innovating to make over their high-end products and services.

Every improvement made by Kinh Do is proof of its deep understanding of its customers, and its dedication to excellence and innovation to continue creating quality mooncakes that fully meet consumers demand for gifting and enjoying.

Mondelez Kinh Do Vietnam is the only authorised user of the Kinh Do, Thu and Trang Vang trademarks in Viet Nam.

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