Digital Transformation Deal signed between FPT and DPDgroup

Friday, Aug 30, 2019 15:23

FPT Group and DPDgroup, Europe’s second largest parcel delivery network, sign the digital transformation agreement. — Photo courtesy of FPT

FPT Group entered into a digital transformation agreement on Thursday with DPDgroup, Europe’s second largest parcel delivery network.

According to the agreement, FPT will examine DPDgroup's IT system before mapping out and deploying the digital technology platform IT4EM2 to improve the European courier's business performance across 12 countries. The companies will also work together in Big Data analysis and building the data architecture needed to become a data-driven business. The entire process will be guided by FPT's Digital Kaizen methodology – “Think Big, Start Smart and Small, Scale Fast” – helping DPDgroup transform in the most cost-efficient and agile manner.

FPT Chairman’s Trương Gia Bình said: “This contract testifies the trust that DPDgroup puts in FPT’s expertise in logistics, technology capabilities, implementation capabilities and our digital transformation methodology. It will also pave the way for us to become a Top 50 digital transformation services provider in the next 20 years.”

“The world will be reinvented and will be explored," said Paul-Marie Chavanne, Chairman of GeoPost, the holding company of DPDgroup.

"It demands us to be more creative and innovative. We cannot do it all alone. We need a partner, and I hope that FPT is the privileged partner that will help us jump high in this new world."

Posting seven billion euros (US$7.73 billion) in sales last year, DPDgroup is the international subsidiary of the French Groupe La Poste, a Global Fortune 500 company. The digital platform that FPT is set to build for DPDgroup is expected to enable the company to improve operational efficiency and enhance customer experience. Ultimately, this will help the courier reinforce its position as a parcel delivery leader in Europe and around the world.

The IT value chain includes consulting, system integration and software design, development, maintenance and programming. Consulting stands at the top end of the IT value chain and is also the area where the world’s leading tech firms such as IBM, Accenture, Tata and Infosys are most active.

FPT began a partnership with DPDgroup in 2018 through a number of small- and medium-sized projects. The company is currently involved in various stages of the customer life cycle from data collection to logistics consulting, micro-services architecture, project development, implementation and production support.

The European market is gearing up to catch up with the world’s latest digital transformation trends. According to a report by International Data Corporation (IDC), Europe spending for digital transformation is forecast to reach $378.2 billion in 2022, making it the third largest spender. FPT’s sales in this market are also projected to grow 30 per cent in the coming years, with digital transformation being a key driving force. — VNS

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