Revised GDP goal despite Q3 bump Revised GDP goal despite Q3 bump

Economic growth this year would climb up to 6 per cent on the back of recovery signs shown in the third quarter, falling short of the 6.7 per cent target set by the Government.

Don't publish, get punished, SOEs warned Don't publish, get punished, SOEs warned

Several big companies are planning to follow their peers in moving their shares from Ha Noi to the HCM Stock Exchange (HOSE) in an attempt to boost stock prices and improve liquidity.

Note 7 exchange starts today Note 7 exchange starts today

The Viet Nam Competition Authority (VCA) is actively supervising the recall and exchange programme of all Galaxy Note 7 models from Samsung Electro-Mechanics Viet Nam Co Ltd (SEMV).

Retailers look for e-commerce uplift Retailers look for e-commerce uplift

More and more retailers in the country are shaking hands with big e-commerce companies in order to widen their businesses while ensuring cost savings.

The Commerce Act: how to comply The Commerce Act: how to comply

(Oct 19, 2016)

According to the Commerce Act 2005, although goods have been delivered to and are paid by the agents, goods' owners are still the principals. The principals should, therefore, specify several contents to ensure their rights.

How to negotiate delivery terms

In the distribution relationship, the principal can deliver goods to a number of different agents. Therefore, drafting of the agent agreement, which not only meets the required needs, but also ensures the rights of the parties, should be taken into account.

Understanding new Civil Code essential

The 2015 Civil Code, which will take effect January 1st, 2017, discusses risks that enterprises should take into consideration when creating contracts for the sale of goods, machinery, equipment and raw materials.

VN's challenge in protecting IP under TPP

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement was officially concluded on February 4, 2016 by 12 countries, including Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the US and Viet Nam.

Conditions for starting a Drugs Business in VN

Decree No 102/2016/ND-CP issued by Vietnamese Government on July 01, 2016 governs a drug business's conditions. The Decree provides conditions for all business types related to drugs. Below are highlights of the conditions one must follow in the drug business.

Liability for acts of false advertising

Enterprises conducting false product advertising may be subject to legal liability in many respects, in particular, the risk of bearing criminal liability if the act of advertising shows sufficient signs to be considered a crime under the regulations.

Resolving trade disputes via court or arbitration?

When both court and arbitration have jurisdiction over the resolution of disputes arising from the performance of commercial contracts, selecting the appropriate mode of resolution will help the parties ensure the benefits of the process and save a lot of time, effort and money.

Rules for insurance businesses in Viet Nam

The Government has issued Decree No 73/2016/ND-CP on July 1, 2016 detailing the implementation of the Law on Insurance Business. The Decree regulates the establishment and operation of life insurance, non-life insurance, health insurance, reinsurance enterprises and foreign insurer branches.


Representative offices in Viet Nam

Establishing a representative office in Viet Nam is considered a safe initial step before traders conduct a series of complex high-cost legal procedures to establish a wholly foreign-owned enterprise.

Decree addresses securities firms

The Government has issued Decree No 86/2016/ND-CP (July 1, 2016) governing requirements applicable to securities investment and business activities in Viet Nam.

Five contract terms you should know

Terms of content conflict resolution, validity of the contracts, and transfer of contractual obligations are basic terms that often get overlooked, but they can help enterprises minimize serious damage when entering into contracts.

KDC achieves 80 per cent of profit target on sale of divisionKDC achieves 80 per cent of profit target on sale of division

Food producer KIDO Group announced on Thursday it achieved 80 per cent of the year's profit target by the end of the third quarter after selling the remaining 20 per cent of is snack business to a foreign investor.

Positive outlook for Viet Nam's entrepreneursPositive outlook for Viet Nam's entrepreneurs

Nina Vaca, US Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship gave advice to the many newly established businesses in Viet Nam during her recent visit to Ha Noi. Her objective was to create opportunities and expand global network exposure for entrepreneurs in developing nations. She speaks to Viet Nam News about startups.

Investors remain indifferent as gold keeps sliding Investors remain indifferent as gold keeps sliding

The precious metal is expected to continue falling after the US announced the economy recovered significantly and its unemployment rates were kept stable for several months.

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