Vietnam Airlines and TTC sign cooperation agreement

Sunday, Nov 26, 2023 13:18

VNA's general director Lê Hồng Hà (second right) and Đăng Văn Thành chairman of TTC group (third left) and other representatives joined in an event held by TTC group in HCM City. — Photo courtesy of Vietnam Airlines

A comprehensive cooperation agreement was officially signed between TTC Group and Vietnam Airlines (VNA) on Friday in HCM City.

It aims to leverage each other's strengths and promote mutual growth in their operational and business areas during the next five years

Under the agreement, TTC and Vietnam Airlines will support and collaborate with each other to expand and develop their respective businesses. They will utilise their existing strengths and tap into the domestic and international market potentials of both companies.

Vietnam Airlines will encourage its customers and employees to prioritise utilising the products and services offered by TTC and its member units. These include fields such as agriculture, real estate, industrial real estate, tourism, sugar products, molasses, alcohol and logistics services, solar power, construction (industrial, civil, and infrastructure), office and commercial center rental services, consumer products, education, healthcare services, beauty care services, and more.

Additionally, Vietnam Airlines and TTC will collaborate to develop product packages, services, and sales programmes that combine TTC's accommodation and entertainment, retail, and real estate services with Vietnam Airlines' products and services. Conversely, TTC Group and its member units will encourage their customers and employees to prioritise using aviation products and services provided by Vietnam Airlines and its member units. TTC will also integrate Vietnam Airlines' ticketing function into TTC's online platform.

The two companies will promote programmes to enhance the visibility and utilisation of each other's translation products and services. They will also collaborate in the fields of information technology and digital transformation. These programmes will be implemented according to a roadmap with specific goals for each stage of the cooperation. — VNS

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