IndieZ Vietnam partners with Yandex Ads to enhance in-app monetisation

Monday, Nov 27, 2023 14:00

Types of banner advertisements on the "Traffic Jam 3D" app by IndieZ Vietnam. The company is partnering with Yandex Ads to drive in-app monetisation strategies on the "Traffic Jam 3D" app. — Photo Courtesy of IndieZ Vietnam

Game developer IndieZ Vietnam has recently announced it will join forces with Yandex Ads to drive in-app monetisation strategies on the "Traffic Jam 3D" app.

This strategic collaboration aimed to elevate user engagement and enhance revenue streams while preserving the seamless user experience that players have come to love, the company said.

IndieZ's partnership with Yandex marks a significant milestone in its quest to fortify its position in the Russian and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) markets and represents a win-win scenario for both the game developer and players, according to the company.

The collaboration promises to bring an even more rewarding and immersive gaming experience while securing an optimised monetisation strategy for IndieZ’s "Traffic Jam 3D" app.

The integration of two ad formats, rewarded videos and interstitials, was strategically chosen based on their alignment with the game's context and relevance to user interests.

Ad placements were thoughtfully designed to captivate user attention during natural breaks in gameplay, thus enhancing the overall user experience.

"From the moment we integrated Yandex’s advertising solutions into the app, we noticed an immediate revenue increase without compromising user satisfaction. The Yandex Advertising Network’s precise targeting capabilities ensured that the ads displayed to users were relevant to their interests, improving their overall app experience," said Cao Minh, senior game liveops and analyst at IndieZ.

IndieZ Vietnam has been primarily reliant on in-app advertising, contributing to 99.9 per cent of its revenue.

In its pursuit of a strengthened market presence and accelerated revenue growth, the game developer embarked on a quest to identify the perfect strategic partner.

"Traffic Jam 3D", developed by IndieZ Vietnam, is an engaging puzzle game that presents players with the challenge of freeing all cars from a congested parking lot.

The game is available for both iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from various platforms, including the CH Store, Apple Store, App Gallery, and Facebook Instant Games, with Vietnamese minds behind this operation. — VNS

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