Int’ l firework festival, street carnival boost tourism

Wednesday, Feb 15, 2017 10:06

Even if one fails to mention the brilliant firework display at night, the Da Nang International Fireworks Festival 2017 (DIFF) is attractive enough with its lineup of activities.

These include a carnival which gathers a number of artists in colourful costumes, who perform on the major streets of Da Nang.

With a cheerful atmosphere accompanied with joyous music and lights, visitors to the central city during this period will find it difficult to resist joining in the parade.

Da Nang will also treat visitors with a banquet of specialties at the International Food Festival. A representative from the DIFF 2017’s organisation board said this will be the first original food festival ever to be held in Viet Nam.

And he's not exaggerating.

The food festival will be divided into five areas under Wu Xing (five basic elements), according to Eastern philosophy. The Fire area will be the kitchen for grill and sauté, the Earth area for clay pot cooking, the Metal area for frozen food using Korean-styled metal bowls and chopsticks, the Water area for hotpots, noodle and soup and the Wood area for vegetarian food.

Fireworks and more fireworks

The highlight of the festival will be the magnificent and stunning firework performances by teams from eight countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia and Switzerland, presenting a wonderful display of light in Da Nang's night sky along the Han River. Wu Xing is also the theme of the fireworks performance.

Along with the firework festival will be impressive performances by Vietnamese and foreign artists.

DIFF is expected to become a brand exclusive to Da Nang, which visitors can look forward to every year.

DIFF’s five firework nights will be organised on Saturdays from April 29 to June 24. They will be broadcast live on Viet Nam Television. — VNS

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