The one thing that matters the most to new hires

Friday, Sep 04, 2015 15:38

Many trusted surveys have revealed the real underlying reason behind employees' decisions to quit is an ineffective employee onboarding process. It's disturbing to hear that the cost of replacing an employee can reach tens of thousands of dollars, including the new employee's training costs, management expenses and the incalculable cost of the departing employee's experience and skill. So don't take the risk.

Companies around world have curtailed turnover problems by refining their employee onboarding processes. They do this by getting to know what matters to new employees the most and actively applying them to the whole procedure.

According to talks with many successfully placed candidates, Navigos Search recruiters suggest that the one thing new employees dislike the most is not knowing what is waiting for them in their new job. In fact, they want to know for sure that they have made the right decision by accepting your job offer. In other words, being provided with sufficient information about the company and your expectations can be the most important things for a new employee.

Researchers also point out that new employees want to be told ahead of time what to expect in their jobs. Let them know what is waiting for them on their first day at work, and hold conversations about your company's history, culture, values and business model, and the organizational structure so they know who does what. These activities will familiarize the new employee with the company and give them essential insight to confidently start their work.

Onboarding, to an extent, can be boring. You can hold a small ice-breaker game to help people meet their new fellow workers and break lectures into short intervals with fun bonding activities. Use this time to make the right first impression and let new employees know they have made the right decision.

Source: Navigos Search

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