People you should involve in the recruiting process

Friday, Jun 26, 2015 09:31

Hiring the right candidates means more than assessing their capacities and professional skills. They need to be the employees that colleagues feel happy to work with. HR experts at Navigos Search suggest you involve the following people in every hiring process and conduct meetings for viable candidates to meet up with them to get a comprehensive view on their suitability for the job.

Hiring Manager

The hiring manager is the key member of the employee recruitment team and will be the employee to whom the new hire will report. Taking part in every step of the hiring process, the hiring manager gradually builds a relationship with the candidate and effectively retains the employee after hiring.

Immediate Supervisor

A cross industry study by MSW Research of 1500 employees discovered that the personal relationship between a manager and his or her direct reports is the most influential factor affecting engagement in a workplace. By attending a meeting with the viable candidate, the current immediate supervisor can gain a general impression about the candidate's attitude and approach.

A Peer

There is one interview technique that has become increasingly popular in recruitment processes: Peer-to-peer interviewing. In this interview, the candidate meets up with current employees to ask questions about the company and the job, while the employees size up the applicant and give feedback to the boss. This interview is highly effective for recruitment in team-based organizations.

A Subordinate

If you are hiring managerial personnel, consider involving the candidate's potential subordinates. A good manager must be able to boost the team's productivity and inspire members with their vision and specific goals. So letting the team attend a meeting with their new boss is an effective way to determine whether the new manager is the missing piece the team needs.

Source: Navigos Search

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