Fortinet's challenge workshop empowers IT teams against ultra-realistic cyber attacks

Friday, Nov 17, 2023 11:44

30 teams of different companies and organisations take part in the Fortinet Security Fabric Range Challenge, a stimulating cybersecurity game workshop, on November 16 in Hà Nội. — Photos of Fortinet

Việt Nam's IT and security teams experienced a Fortinet Security Fabric Range Challenge a cyber security competition aiming to improve the defense capacity for information technology and network security on November 16 in Hà Nội.

As many as 30 teams from more than 20 leading finance and banking, ICT companies and organisations in Việt Nam sent their best technicians to the stimulating cybersecurity game workshop hosted by Fortinet, the global cybersecurity leader.

According to organisers, in an era where cybersecurity was paramount, this event aimed to elevate participants' cybersecurity prowess through an immersive hands-on simulated game. The workshop also promised an interactive and educational experience for IT and security managers with a technical role.

The Fortinet challenge went beyond conventional training methods. Participants engaged in a game where they grappled with a diverse range of cybersecurity issues commonly encountered by organisations. Leveraging Fortinet Fabric Solutions in realistic simulations, players are empowered to detect and effectively mitigate potential threats. Fortinet facilitators supplement the experience with insightful briefings and practical guidance, ensuring participants leave equipped with actionable knowledge and skills.

As a team of two, players based on real-world scenarios across different missions to evaluate the best approaches to solve challenges using hands-on experiences with FortiGate, FortiWeb, and FortiTester.

Mcredit team win the top prize in the challenge in which they receive interactive team experience, harnessed powerful tools, immersive simulations and hands-on learning.

“The Fortinet Security Fabric Range Challenge is not just a game. It's a transformative learning experience," said Nguyễn Gia Đức, Country Manager of Fortinet Vietnam.

"In today's dynamic threat landscape, organisations need proactive strategies. This workshop equips participants with practical skills and knowledge to face real-world cybersecurity challenges confidently. The simulated cybersecurity game helps players prepare for the inevitable. By actively engaging in realistic scenarios, they will be better prepared to safeguard their organisations against evolving cyber threats,” he said.

After nearly four hours of solving 12 attacks, Mcredit team took the top place, followed by National Load Dispatch Centre (NLDC) and Vietcombank.

"The competition brought many useful things, adding practical experience for network security engineers," said Ngô Thế Anh of Mcredit.

"Team members have chances to share in-depth knowledge about technology and security. The most highlights are that very realistic situations are designed for us to handle, score points and win."

Meanwhile, Nguyễn Thế Hiển of NLDC shared that the workshop was carried out with high professionalism. Teams competed and checked the results at the same time leading to high competitiveness.

He said this environment created real pressure when engineers had to handle cyber attack situations at their companies. In the shortest time, teams need to find the most optimal solution to protect the system. His teams gained more experience for their current work. — VNS

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