SABECO supports talented youth in rural areas to improve competitiveness

Tuesday, Nov 14, 2023 16:23

Ngô Văn Cương, Secretary of HCM Communist Youth Union (left, first row) andVenus Teoh Kim Wei, SABECO's Deputy General Director gave Lương Định Của Award to outstanding individuals. Photo courtesy of SABECO

With many positive contributions to local socio-economic development, 42 young farmers and 9 excellent startup projects of rural youth were honoured at the National Youth Festival 2023 on Monday in the southern province of Sóc Trăng.

The event was organised by the HCM Communist Youth Union (HCYU) with the companionship of Saigon Beer - Alcohol - Beverage Joint Stock Corporation (SABECO). HCM Communist Youth Union

Accordingly, 42 young farmers were awarded the Lương Định Của Award for their outstanding achievements in the fields of business, entrepreneurship, and production, contributing to creating jobs for many workers and actively contributing to economic development. In addition, 9 excellent projects of the Rural Youth Startup Project 2023 competition were also awarded.

A young startup sells agricultural products on e-commerce platforms. Photo courtesy of SABECO

Nguyễn Thị Thu Vân, Head of the HCYU's Rural Youth Committee said: This year's Lương Định Của Award attracted 77 young people. These young people's business models have created regular jobs for 1,031 workers and 1,258 seasonal workers.

Organised since 2014, the annual event includes exhibitions, discussions and honours, creating conditions for young people to do business in rural areas as well as exchange, connect and having trade with each other and leading experts. This is the third consecutive year that SABECO has accompanied the HCYU to propagate and replicate models and examples of outstanding young people in the cause of industrialisation and modernisation of agriculture and rural areas, contributing to national strategic goals on new rural development for the period 2021-25.

In August and September, SABECO and the HCM Communist Youth Union also organised training for 300 young people. Photo courtesy of SABECO

Earlier, in August and September, SABECO and the HCM Communist Youth Union also organised training for 300 young people who are cherishing the idea of starting a business or have started a business, to improve their competitiveness. This also aims to bring potential projects of young people to fly higher and farther, helping create economic value and jobs for local workers.

Improving the competitiveness of young people doing business in rural areas, contributing to national development is one of SABECO's commitments within the framework of a 3-year strategic co-operation with the HCM Communist Youth Union. It is estimated that in the past two years, more than 500 young people participated in entrepreneurship training programmes, and 75 typical examples were honoured at the Luong Dinh Cua Award.

In addition to activities to improve competitiveness for young people in co-ordination with HCYU, SABECO has also joined hands with the Ministry of Culture - Sports and Tourism to implement the Việt Nam Win Gold initiative to support Vietnamese athletes to improve the achievements of the country’s sports in regional and international arenas.

SABECO's journey of building a generation of confident, brave and mature adults to master and promote the country's development in all aspects has always been continued because it is part of the firm's commitment to sustainable development with the 4C strategy revolving around the pillars: Country - Culture - Consumption - Conservation to enhance Vietnamese brand position and bringing the best to Việt Nam. VNS

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