“Collecting a million Stars” programme launched to spread positive spirit in Viet Nam

Sunday, Aug 29, 2021 13:55

The HCM Communist Youth Union and the Saigon Beer Alcohol Beverage Co-operation jointly organised a virtual event to spread positivity— Photo courtesy of SABECO

The Central Committee of the HCM Communist Youth Union (HCYU) and the Saigon Beer Alcohol Beverage Co-operation (SABECO) have jointly organised the "Collecting Million Stars" virtual event to spread positivity.

The activity is a practical programme to honour National Day, and encourage fellow countrymen to join hands to support small food and beverage businesses in HCM City.

"Collecting a Million Stars" encourages innovative ideas from all Vietnamese residents, including artists, influencers, social communities, students, and youth union members. — Photo courtesy of the firm

Inspired by the five-pointed star on the Vietnamese flag, "Collecting a Million Stars" encourages innovative ideas from all Vietnamese residents, including artists, influencers, social communities, students, and youth union members.

The programme provides an opportunity for participants to express their creativity through daily activities such as cooking, makeup, home decorating, drawing, painting photography or anything that represents a star, as well as inviting their friends to participate, and sharing their stars on social media with positive messages to encourage the national frontline workforce.

SABECO's representatives joined the launch. — Photo courtesy of the firm

For every public post on social media that features a creative star image, accompanied with the hashtags #GopTrieuNgoiSao #DiLenCungNhau as well as tagging Bia Saigon Fanpage, SABECO and its Bia Saigon will contribute VNĐ10,000. The company will contribute to the first 300,000 valid posts.

All donations collected will go to hundreds of the most affected small food and beverage (F&B) businesses in-need in HCM City where each outlet will receive support worth VNĐ5 million in cash. Bia Saigon and HCYU will review and agree on the criteria for selecting the beneficiaries.

Recently, the HCYU’s Central Committee has implemented many meaningful activities to support hospitals and frontline forces in the fight against COVID-19 as well as the most impacted households.

The most recent is the “Community Care” programme in collaboration with SABECO. Following a similar spirit,  "Collecting a million stars" is aimed at small business households who are suffering from losses due to the pandemic in HCM City.

Bennett Neo, SABECO’s general director, said: “We are currently facing a truly challenging period with COVID-19 affecting us, our families and everyone across the country. In addition to immediate and grave health concerns, we are seeing increasing difficulties and stresses everywhere in our communities in many provinces and cities. The pandemic has also tremendously affected the operations of countless businesses, large and small, across the country.

He added: "As our National Day approaches in the midst of unprecedented historical circumstances, this all the more emphasizes the importance of national values. SABECO, a company with long-standing history in Việt Nam, owns Bia Saigon, a brand loved by generations of Vietnamese. Việt Nam is home to SABECO and Bia Saigon."

"When Việt Nam encounters difficulties and challenges, Bia Saigon is prepared to work together to support the country and our people through the most practical means. “Collecting a Million Stars” is a part of our “Stronger Together” Campaign, and aims to spread a positive, with the hope of rallying everyone to unite and remain resilient during this unprecedented period.”

Ngô Văn Cương - secretary of HCYU’s Central Committee - said: “Over one year since the outbreak of the COVID-19 in Việt Nam, the lives and activities of the people as well as the production and business activities of enterprises and companies turned upside down.

"Experiencing the epidemic, many industries have suffered heavy losses. Therefore, when entering the fourth wave of pandemic with multiple strains and outbreaks, and many sources of infection in provinces and cities, not only large enterprises but also lots of small businesses are facing the risk of bankruptcy.

"To continue to maintain and develop the activities, small businesses are in dire need of help from the community. Therefore, this situation motivated the HCYU’s Central Committee to cooperate with SABECO and Bia Saigon to implement the programme "Contribute Millions of Stars" for small businesses in HCM City that are being severely affected by COVID-19.”

Along with this social activity organised with HCYU, Bia Saigon has launched a series of projects showcasing the country's traditional values and promoting the solidarity of all Vietnamese generations from all walks of life.

Last 26 August, Bia Saigon hosted an online event to launch its campaign to spread the positive spirit of ‘Stronger Together’ and to introduce the limited edition ‘Việt Nam Star’ Bia Saigon Lager Can created in collaboration between Bia Saigon and a remarkable young artist named Cậu Bé Thỏ (full name Nguyễn Ngọc Vũ).  

 “The Việt Nam Star" design on the Bia Saigon Lager can is inspired by Đông Hồ folk art and a close-up of everyday imagery in Việt Nam. This is Cậu Bé Thỏ’s expression of a vibrant nation uniting and going through changes together.

The country's cultural heritages woven together in the pentagram evoke the nation's unity and the spirit of hope, as well as for everyone to overcome obstacles and difficulties together.

Bia Saigon has also collaborated with young emerging Vietnamese fashion brand Icon Denim to launch a limited fashion collection, inspired by the Việt Nam Star design, which includes T-shirts, jackets, caps and a tote bag: A true action of two local Vietnamese brands working together to spread positivity and encouragement. — VNS

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