Campaign launched to improve financial knowledge of Vietnamese students

Friday, May 24, 2024 13:58

Students attend extracurricular activities at Thắng Lợi Primary and Secondary School as part of the "Finance for Yourself, Optimism for Yourself" campaign in Kon Tum Province. — Photo Sun Life Vietnam

Sun Life Vietnam has launched the "Finance for Yourself, Optimism for Yourself" campaign to share financial knowledge and bring positive values ​​to generations of Vietnamese people.

The campaign includes a series of extracurricular activities that educate elementary and middle school students about financial literacy.

The campaign's first activity took place at Thắng Lợi Primary and Secondary School in Kon Tum Province. With professional advice from MC Quốc Khánh and the Vietsuccess team, students engaged in lively and interactive activities such as "Ring the Golden Bell," and "The Rice Pounding Game". Through these activities, students learned the basics of financial education and how to manage finances in everyday life, laying the groundwork for a stable future.

At the same time, Sun Life Vietnam also coordinated with the Vietnam Red Cross Society to donate "Optimistic Finance" bookcases to 20 schools in 10 provinces and cities across the country. The books offer basic, easy-to-understand and practical knowledge on topics like finance, financial management, investment, independence, and self-control from an early age.

Luc Nhon Ly, CEO of Sun Life Vietnam, said: "We have had very interesting experiences with students through various financial-themed games. These activities, along with direct interactions and the provision of educational books to schools will play a significant role in fostering appropriate financial management skills and methods among the younger generation. This will ultimately empower them to approach life's journey with confidence and optimism, ensuring a stable future."

In 2024, Sun Life Vietnam also plans to intensify efforts to equip individuals with financial knowledge. The initiative aims to serve as a foundational pillar in Sun Life Vietnam's commitment to supporting the community towards a brighter and more prosperous future for all. — VNS

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