Coca-Cola Beverages Vietnam helps women to improve e-commerce skills

Friday, May 24, 2024 08:23

Women from Thường Tín District in Hà Nội join in a class to promote e-commerce skills. — Photo courtesy of Coca-Cola Beverages Vietnam

Coca-Cola Beverages Vietnam has recently announced it will continue its collaboration with the Women's Union of Thường Tín District, Hà Nội City, to organise another training conference on e-commerce skills for women starting businesses.

This initiative underscores the company’s ongoing commitment to empowering women in the digital era. Through its collaboration with the Women's Union of Thường Tín District, the company supports the implementation of the National Strategy on Gender Equality, the Government's project to support women who start business in the period 2017–25, and projects targeting women with ideas and those who wish to start a business, co-operative groups and co-operation communes, affiliated groups, and recently established businesses owned by women.

Operating in Duyên Thái Commune, Thường Tín District, Coca-Cola Beverages Vietnam has worked closely with local authorities and organisations to support community and socio-economic development. The partnership with the Women's Union of Thường Tín District has positively impacted thousands of women in the area.

The latest training conference, which accommodated more than 700 members of the Women's Union of Thường Tín District, was divided into morning and afternoon sessions. Participants received comprehensive information about Việt Nam's e-commerce landscape, major e-commerce platforms, and effective online store management techniques. They also learned practical skills for conducting live streams and attracting customers on e-commerce platforms.

The company committed to social responsibility and community development, has demonstrated its dedication to sustainable development goals over its 30-year journey in Việt Nam. Guided by the sustainable development strategy "Our Choice, Our Future", the company focuses on three strategic pillars: People, Planet, and Product.

In Việt Nam, Coca-Cola Beverages Vietnam is renowned for its community contributions through initiatives like the “Zero Đồng Tết Market” and "Happy Tết with Coca-Cola," which bring Tết celebrations to thousands of underprivileged families nationwide. The EkoCenter Community Support Center, launched in 2015, has provided diverse community benefits, including clean drinking water, women's empowerment, youth development, waste management, and emergency relief. — VNS

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