Duyen Hai 1 turbine joins national grid

Monday, Feb 02, 2015 08:00

TRA VINH (VNS) — The first turbine of the Duyen Hai 1 thermoelectricity plant in Duyen Hai District was successfully connected to the national grid on Saturday.

According to the Management Board of the Duyen Hai Power Centre, the turbine, which has a capacity of 622.5 MW, will be operated during a test period until July 25.

Comprising two turbines with a total capacity of 1,245 MW, the Duyen Hai 1 plant in the southern province of Tra Vinh is expected to generate some 7.8 billion kWh of electricity per year.

With the use of modern technologies and equipment, it is believed that the plant will be able to meet the requirements of productivity, stability and safety in operation, as well as environmental protection.

The coal-fired power station is one of the four plants that constitute the 4,308 MW Duyen Hai Power Centre, which has a total investment of US$5 billion financed by Power Generation Company 1 under the Electricity of Viet Nam Group.

Covering an area of 878.91ha in Duyen Hai District, the project includes four coal-fired thermoelectric power plants that use traditional steam-condensed turbine technology. It is part of the National Electricity Development Plan for the 2011-2020 period and beyond.

New plants

As many as 77 power plants are expected to join the electricity market in 2015; they will account for nearly 70 per cent of the total capacity of the entire national power system.

This is part of efforts to enable the National Load Dispatch Centre of Viet Nam (NLDC) to operate the power wholesale market by January 2016.

Other measures include automating complicated calculating processes to ensure transparency and recruiting highly qualified engineers to operate the electricity market efficiently, according to Deputy Director Vu Xuan Khu.

In mid-2015, the centre will bring into operation the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system and the energy management system (EMS) to facilitate the administration of the power network and transactions.

In 2014, as many as 55 power plants had joined the market, an increase of 14.5 per cent year-on-year. — VNS

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