Vingroup meets FIDO2 standard for the second time

Thursday, Aug 06, 2020 14:53

VinCSS achieved FIDO2 Certification from FIDO Alliance for its strong authentication server named VinCSS FIDO2 Server. — Photo courtesy of Vingroup

VinCSS Cyber Security Services Co., Ltd (a member of Vingroup) has announced it achieved FIDO2 Certification from the Fast Identity Online Alliance (FIDO Alliance) for its strong authentication server named VinCSS FIDO2 Server.

VinCSS is the first company in Viet Nam to develop FIDO2-certified strong authentication servers. VinCSS FIDO2 Server opens up a market of full-service strong authentication and transformation, regarding infrastructure and technologies, for enterprises, especially organisations in finance – banking, fintech and e-wallets.

VinCSS achieved FIDO2 Certification for its VinCSS FIDO2 Authenticator from the FIDO Alliance at the beginning of this year.

Thanks to the certification, VinCSS belongs among the world’s large technology companies and groups with FIDO2-certified authenticators such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Fujitsu, Yubico, Solokey and Kensington.

On the road to strong authentication ecosystem mastering, VinCSS will keep researching and launching FIDO2-certified authentication applications operated on the Android and iOS operating systems to integrate biometric features into authentication.

After achieving FIDO2 Certification from the FIDO Alliance for the second time, Vingroup ranks among the world’s 13 companies with strong authenticator and authentication service and aims to develop a full-service strong authentication ecosystem. — VNS

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