Vietnam Airlines launches One S programme

Thursday, Feb 22, 2024 16:25

VNA launches the One S programme. — Photo of VNA

Vietnam Airlines (VNA) has just officially launched the One S programme - A different Vietnam on its digital platform.

The One S programme is an innovative initiative aimed at promoting experiential and interactive tourism through a digital platform. This program allows participants to create a travel diary by recording their visits to destinations around the world, with a particular focus on exploring all 63 provinces and cities in Việt Nam and 22 connecting airports.

To participate in the programme, customers need to download the latest version of the Vietnam Airlines mobile application and access the One S section. They can then log in or register for a Golden Lotus account, which is the loyalty program of Vietnam Airlines. Once the One S program is activated, participants will receive "Airport Stamps" and "Local Stamps" when they complete a valid flight or check-in, respectively.

The "Local Stamps" feature utilises augmented virtual reality (AR) check-in technology. This means that participants can collect stamps in real time as they visit different locations. The system will store and update the information and progress of the journey. Participants will also have the opportunity to complete monthly, quarterly and yearly challenges, and receive attractive rewards from Vietnam Airlines and its partners upon successful completion. — VNS

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