Foxlink starts electronics employees training in Đà Nẵng

Thursday, Feb 22, 2024 13:17

A human resource education deal is signed by representatives of Đà Nẵng City's Đông Á University and Taiwan's Foxlink Đà Nẵng company. The agreement will help recruit qualified employees for an electronics production factory in Đà Nẵng City. — Photo courtesy of the firm

An agreement on human resource training for electronics and hi-tech manufacture has been signed between Taiwan’s Foxlink Đà Nẵng, under the Taiwan’s Foxlink International company, and the city-based private Đông Á University, to support future recruitment for the electronics industry in the city.

Representative of Foxlink Đà Nẵng Lin Kofan said Đà Nẵng will be a key focus of the company’s future plan in the Southeast Asia.

He said equipment has been mobilised for installation at the company’s factory in Đà Nẵng City’s Hi-tech Park, and the first operational period will be producing facilities for Tesla and Microsoft.

Foxlink Đà Nẵng will send their experts to lecture in education programmes at Đông Á University as part of a co-operation deal between the two partners in Chinese language, electronics, electric, information technology and automobile technology.

He added the Đà Nẵng-based factory would need 5,000 workers and engineers to meet the increasing demands in the future.

Vice rector of Đông Á University, Ngô Quang Vinh said the human resource deal with Foxlink Đà Nẵng is part of the university’s strategic 500-partner network in creating training courses and job recruitment opportunities for students.

The university had inked agreements on human resource education with more than 80 businesses and nine provinces from Japan.

Foxlink Đà Nẵng is seen as one of the largest foreign direct investment projects in Đà Nẵng as it landed an electronics factory with an investment of US$135 million last year. — VNS

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