Vietjet hot-air balloon in spotlight at International Hot-Air Balloon Demonstration 2016

Monday, May 09, 2016 14:07

THUA THIEN HUE (Biz Hub) — The Vietjet hot-air balloon represented Viet Nam at the International Hot-Air Balloon Demonstration 2016, an event that attracted participation from eight other countries - Great Britain, Netherlands, India and Japan, as well as Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines.

The international hot air balloon fiesta on May 4 and 5 was the most impressive event at the 9th Hue Festival.

The Vietjet hot-air balloon is 25m high and 18m wide and can fly up to 5km at a maximum altitude of 150m. Guests were treated to a panoramic view of Hue City. After the event in Viet Nam, the Vietjet hot-air balloon will represent the country at other shows. The balloon will make an appearance in Taiwan in July 2016, in Japan in September and October 2016, in Malaysia in March 2017 and in Thailand and the Philippines in April 2017.

The Vietjet hot-air balloon, which carried the event's ambassador, Elly Tran, was the first to be sent up.

A young couple's proposal in the Vietjet hot-air balloon surprised guests.

Vietjet passengers experienced a panoramic view of Hue City, enjoying the performances below from a height of 300-500m, meeting the pilots, taking photos and participating in other fun activities at the event.— VNS

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