Prudential launches sustainable development equity fund

Friday, Mar 15, 2024 16:52

PRUlink Tương Lai Xanh is the seventh fund in Prudential’s equity-linked portfolio managed by investment firm Eastspring Investments. — Photo courtesy of Prudential

Prudential Vietnam Life Insurance Co., Ltd. has launched a new unit-linked fund with the direction towards responsible investment and sustainable development, named “PRUlink Vietnam Sustainable Development Equity Fund” (PRUlink Tương Lai Xanh).

This is the first ever unit-linked fund in Việt Nam’s life insurance market to offer customers the option of sustainable and responsible development investing.

PRUlink Tương Lai Xanh is the seventh fund in Prudential’s equity-linked portfolio managed by investment firm Eastspring Investments.

It had six funds earlier for customers to choose from depending on their risk appetite: PRUlink Vietnam Equity, PRUlink Growth, PRUlink Balance, PRUlink Stable, PRUlink Bond, and PRUlink Preserver.

When investing in unit-linked insurance products, in addition to financial protection and the opportunity to invest assets effectively in the long term, policy owners who choose PRULink Tương Lai Xanh can also actively contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Its main benefits come from the criteria for selecting assets and investment portfolio. The companies that the fund chooses to invest in need to be collated based on international standards of sustainable development.

The three main investment areas that PRUlink Tương Lai Xanh focuses on are climate - health – progress, which are also the most practical goals for the socio-economic situation in Việt Nam.

Customers having a unit-linked insurance policy like PRU-FlexInvest, PRU-Wealth Assured (PHU-Bao Gia Thinh Vuong) and PRU Link ILP (PHU-Bao Gia Dau Tu) can choose to invest more, swap funds or change the investment ratio between the funds as soon as "PRUlink Tương Lai Xanh" is launched through the PRUOnline application, Prudential's consultants, customer experience centres, and general agent offices.

Phương Tiến Minh, CEO of Prudential Vietnam, said: “Sustainable growth is increasingly important for developing countries, typically Việt Nam.

“As a role model, Prudential clearly understands its responsibilities and obligations to customers and th community and economy as an insurer and long-term investment asset manager in Việt Nam.

“Therefore, diversifying investment portfolios, focusing on responsible investment and sustainable development is increasingly becoming an inevitable trend. This strategy is also completely consistent with the market, clearly demonstrating the responsibility that goes along with Prudential's actions, contributing to realizing the Government's commitment to building Vietnam into a green and sustainable economy with a Net Zero target by 2050.

“The PRUlink Green Future Fund meets today customers’ trends, especially those who value sustainable development. The newly launched fund will give customers more investment options, contributing positively and proactively to the country's common sustainable development goals." — VNS

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