Nestlé launches two organic nutritional products for children

Saturday, Mar 14, 2020 03:00

Nestlé Vietnam has launched NAN Organic 3 milk formula powder and GERBER Organic weaning cakes for children. — Photo courtesy of the company

Nestle Vietnam has launched two organic product lines for children, NAN Organic 3 milk formula powder for children from 2 to 6 years old, and GERBER Organic weaning cakes for children from 8 to 24 months.

NAN Organic 3 is imported from Australia and meets the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA)’s international standards, while GERBER Organic products are imported from the US and meet the US Department of Agriculture’s international standards.

NAN Organic 3 contains organic whey powder and organic lactose that reduce constipation and support the digestive system, and DHA and ARA, which are two fatty acids essential for the brain and eye development of children. It also contains zinc and vitamins C and D, which help boost immunity and resistance. These create a premise for strong growth and development for children.

GERBER Organic weaning cakes provide two essential nutrients of vitamin E and iron, which contribute to strengthening the immune system and general health.

According to Viet Nam's FMCG Insight Handbook 2020 conducted by Kantar Worldpanel, customers are increasingly willing to pay for premium offers as living conditions have improved.

In addition, food safety and health are the top concerns of Vietnamese consumers. — VNS


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