MoMo upgrades ‘lucky’ money feature

Thursday, Jan 19, 2023 13:16

Sending lucky money online during Tet is expected to continue increasing this year. — Photo courtesy of MoMo

With cashless payments becoming popular in Viet Nam, more and more people are expected to send li xi (“lucky” money) electronically during Tet (Lunar New Year).

Super app MoMo has made a number of updates to its money transfer feature to capitalise on the surging demand.

From being a simple money transfer feature, MoMo has upgraded it to include wishes and greeting cards, and any odd amount of lucky money can be sent.

Users can create their own Tet greeting card and collection QR code to make sending and receiving the money faster and easier.

MoMo has also added a series of new improvements to optimise the experience for users. Instead of depositing money directly into the MoMo e-wallet, users can use linked bank accounts, post-paid wallets and others to transfer money.

MoMo is linked with 42 banks via the NAPAS portal and most international cards. — VNS

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