Genetica partners with Con Cung to provide health care solutions

Thursday, Jan 05, 2023 12:08

Representatives of Genetica and Con Cung Join Stock Company at the agreement signing ceremony. — Photo Courtesy Con Cung Joint Stock Company

Genetica, a gene decoding company from the US, is partnering with Con Cung Joint Stock Company to provide comprehensive health care solutions for nutrition and immune system needs to support parents in their parenting journey.

Under the agreement, the Genetica will provide Con Cung’s customers a gene decoder package including Baby Well which analyses more than 200 genes from a baby's saliva sample, producing a report on three important traits in the baby's development journey from birth to two and three years old.

The package analyses the ability to absorb nutrients including sugar, flour, protein and fat to help decipher the nutritional needs of children according to their location.

It will also analyse the sensitivity to bitter and sweet tastes to make a suitable weaning menu, making the baby's weaning journey easier.

Furthermore, the package will assess the child's risk of milk protein allergy - the most common food allergy in children - and how to recognise early symptoms of the allergy after children consume milk protein products.

In addition, the Baby Well package provides additional useful information on the child's vitamin needs, metabolism, personality trends, behavior and intellectual potential.

Dr. Pham Diep Thuy Duong at Children's Hospital 2 said: "The first 1,000 days of life are considered a golden period that determines a child's later development. Children will develop healthier and smarter if they receive a good and appropriate diet during this time. In spite of this, every child is a unique individual, so factors such as genetics, nutrition, education, and family will affect a child's personality development in a different way. With the advancement of science and biomedical technology, genetic testing has become a tool to help parents understand their children accurately and scientifically, thus giving them a greater sense of confidence when raising their children”.

With over a decade of accompanying Vietnamese parents in the journey of raising children, Con Cung has worked closely with major corporations in the world to provide the best quality and most suitable nutritional products for the health of infants and young children. — VNS

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