Co.opmart’s Tet promotions attract customers in droves

Friday, Jan 04, 2019 11:00

Customers buy Tet gift baskets in a Co.opmart supermarket in HCM City. — Photo Thien Thu

On the morning of January 4 Co.opmart and Co.opXtra supermarkets in HCM City were crowded though it was a weekday.

They bought many products, especially cleaning products, packaged foods, milk, and cakes, offered in a "Buy 1 get 1 free" promotion.

At the supermarkets, customers can find on the shelves 1 litre bottles of Simply cooking oil priced at only VND48,200 each, 454g packs of Vedan monosodium glutamate at VND29,800, 45-pack (16gramme) bags of King 3 in 1 coffee at VND104,500, 6-packs of 390ml Coca Cola at VND39,000, Kinh Do AFC wheat cracker packs at VND26,500, Daily sweetened condensed cream yellow label cans at VND16,000, 2.4kg Maxkleen fabric softeners at VND161,000, 2.7kg Net Matic bottles at VND105,000, and others at attractive discounts.

These programmes apply from January 4 to 6, and detailed information is available at the supermarkets.

Despite it being a weekday, Co.opmart supermarkets were crowded on January 4. — Photo Thien Thu

For Tet (Lunar New Year) this year Co.opmart and Co.opXtra will run two unique and convenient services: free delivery of 38 kinds of Tet gift baskets anywhere in the country and ready-to-eat traditional dishes for customers to offer their ancestors for Tet.

The ready-to-eat dishes will be typical of the country’s three regions: boiled chicken, braised pork in coconut juice with eggs, pork stuffed bitter melon soup, greenbean sprout and vegetable pickles, cylindrical sticky rice cake (in the south); boiled chicken, green bean sticky rice, pickled onion, and cured pork belly in fish sauce (in the central region); and square sticky rice cakes, boiled chicken, pickled vegetables, and pork jelly (in the north).

Customers can place orders for these dishes directly at the supermarkets or through the operator at 1900 555 568. The supermarkets will accept orders from January 4 to 27 and make deliveries from 8am to noon on February 4 (the last day of the 2018 lunar year). — VNS

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