Co.opmart, Co.opXtra sell 3.8kg detergent liquid at just VND3,000

Friday, Jan 11, 2019 07:00

Co.opmart and Co.opXtra are offering big discounts on many products from now until January 16, enabling customers to buy for instance a 3.8kg bottle of detergent liquid at just VND3,000. — Photo Thien Thu

This is the best time for customers to shop for “hard” and “dry” products that can be used for long so that close to Tet (Lunar New Year) they only need to buy food for their family union meals and for the altar at home.

This has been a common Tet shopping trend in recent years to suit the fast lifestyle of a modern society.

Understanding shopping trends, Co.opmart and Co.opXtra supermarkets nation-wide are set to launch a series of promotions for Tet goods with a focus on cleaning products, home decoration items, confectionary, and spices from now until January 16.

These are products that customers can buy for use for a long time.

Thus, from now until January 16, they can buy noodles, fish sauce, cooking oil, soft drinks, fresh milk, detergent liquids, shampoos and tissues at attractive discounts under the “Buy more, get more discounts” programme.

Their price will be cut sharply when customers buy a second, fourth or sixth item of the same product. For instance, the price of a 650g bottle of Pantene shampoo will be reduced from VND122,000 to VND65,000 for the second item, that of a 900g bottle of Dove shampoo from VND169,000 to VND90,000 for the second item and that of a 3.8kg bottle of Sunlight from VND95,000 to VND60,000.

At a Co.opmart supermarket in HCM City. From now until January 16 Co.opmart and Co.opXtra supermarkets will gift one million of vouchers to customers who meet certain simple billing conditions. — Photo Thien Thu

The product with the biggest discount is Lix detergent liquid, with the price of a 3.8kg bottle reduced from VND175,000 to only VND3,000 for the second item.

At Co.opmart and Co.opXtra supermarkets, customers can also buy confectionary, sweets, watermelon seeds, and traditional sausages, both locally made and imported, with the supermarkets displaying them in separate areas.

The products, including Mai Que Lo sausage, shrimp sausage and dried shrimp from Vissan, crystallized baby tomato, soft ginger and cherry, cashew nut, the US’s almond and chestnut, and Xuân Hồng watermelon seeds, have higher discounts compared to previous years, and come with assured quality, meet hygiene and food safety standards and have eye-catching packaging.

On January 14 and 16 customers with Co.opmart silver/gold/platinum cards will get between 20 and 250 reward points when they shop at Co.opmart and Co.opXtra.

Furthermore, from now until January 16 the supermarkets will gift one million of vouchers to customers who meet certain simple billing conditions.

Detailed information about the promotion programme is available at the supermarkets. — VNS

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