Co.opmart, Co.opXtra offer steep discounts under ‘Vietnamese food feast, Gathering makes more fun’

Wednesday, Nov 17, 2021 12:54

Co.opmart and Co.opXtra are offering huge discounts on a wide range of ready-to-cook foods until November 24 under a programme called ‘Vietnamese food feast, Gathering makes more fun.’’ — Photo Lan Chi

Co.opmart and Co.opXtra supermarket chains will offer big discounts on ready-to-cook foods from now through November 24 to help customers quickly and conveniently prepare for year-end festival parties under a programme called ‘Vietnamese food feast, Gathering makes more fun’.

Under the programme, one of a number of activities to celebrate Co.opmart’s 25th anniversary, foods such as spring rolls, fish balls and farci crabs are sold at sharply reduced prices.

For instance, the prices have been reduced to VND75,000 for a 300gm pack of Co.op Select frozen shrimp wrapped potato rolls, VND89,000 for a 360gm pack of Co.op Select farci crab, VND65,000 for a 350gm pack of Co.op Select unmarinated capelin, VND67,500 for a 600gm pack of Co.op Select Japanese saba fish marinated in satay sauce, VND55,900 for a 400gm pack of Co.op Select mayo seafood spring roll, VND79,000 for a 500gm pack of Co.op Select fish balls with caviar in core, VND66,500 for a 280gm pack of Co.op Select clown featherback fish stuffed with salted egg yolk, VND118,000 for a 400gm pack of Co.op Select seafood mix, VND14,500 for a 200gm pack of Co.op Select basa fish balls, and VND41,500 for a 650gm pack of Co.op Select seasoned salmon head.

Spring rolls, fish balls, farci crabs, potato chips and sausages are among the products being sold under attractive promotions from now through November 24 at Co.opmart and Co.opXtra under the “Vietnamese food feast, Gathering makes more fun” programme. — Photo Lan Chi

A number of snack varieties like potato chips and sausages also have attractive promotions such as a 1kg pack of Melto frozen potato chip straight cut 7mm being sold at VND47,500, a 500gm pack of Cau Tre sponge skin spring rolls at VND44,900, a 350gm pack of Bibogo CJ Seafood Mandu cake at VND39,800, a 200gm pack of Quy Nhon steamed/fried fish paste at VND 28,800, a 500gm pack of SG Food fish ball at VND53,900, and a 200gm pack of CP cheese sausage at VND25,900.

In addition, Saigon Co.op’s retail systems are simultaneously implementing the ‘Friends with everyone - Huge reward points’ programme.

Under it, customers with silver/gold and platinum membership cards who accumulate 25 shopping reward points will be gifted another 25 and 50 points respectively.

For detailed information, please refer to or contact the Customer Service Centre at 190055568 or the supermarket directly. — VNS

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