Kaspersky launches security cloud service

Saturday, Aug 04, 2018 08:11

Kaspersky’s adaptive protection service goes even further than conventional antivirus to protect users from problems in the digital world. — Photo Courtesy of Kaspersky

Kaspersky Lab has launched Kaspersky Security Cloud, an adaptive protection service that goes even further than conventional antivirus to protect users from problems they may encounter in the digital world.

Every person is unique, and the same is true for people’s online behavior, which forms their individual digital world. That is why the company’s experts have invented and patented adaptive protection technology.

Kaspersky Security Cloud combines all the best elements of its flagship solutions, including market leading protection against cyberthreats, and adaptive scenarios.

Adaptivity means that the service offers protection exactly when it is needed, depending on the individual’s behavior and the device they use.

The new security service operates according to the unique security-as-a-service scheme. It is “attached” not to the device, but to its owner via their account on the My Kaspersky portal.

However, the uniqueness of the solution lies in the fact that, with the appropriate settings, the product behaves like an “adviser” that promptly tells users what to do in order to maintain a connection when it is most needed, or to avoid jeopardizing their personal data when such a risk occurs.

These and other “scenarios” are embedded in Kaspersky Security Cloud, and they are being constantly replenished. Thus, the new adaptive service allows people to always stay connected and protect their data.

Kaspersky Security Cloud is available in three versions. The free version has a limited number of scenarios, and applies to only one account and three devices at a time. The personal version provides full service functionality for one account and five devices. The family version covers up to 20 accounts and up to 20 devices. — VNS

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