Viet Nam enterprises listed as global companies

Wednesday, May 21, 2014 17:36

The Gioi Di Dong (Mobile World) is one of the top 20 most dynamic and high-growth companies in East Asia. — File Photo

HA NOI(Biz Hub) — Five Vietnamese enterprises were announced as among the top 20 of the most dynamic and high-growth companies in East Asia in Manila, the Philippines, on May 20.

The World Economic Forum selected top Global Growth Companies (GGCs), which are considered trailblazers, shapers and innovators committed to improving the state of their region and the world.

According to the forum, GGCs are fast-growing companies with a clear potential to become global economic leaders. The 20 nominated East Asian GGCs represent a broad cross section of the industrial sectors, but share in common a track record in exceeding industry standards in revenue growth, promotion of innovative business practices and demonstration of leadership in corporate citizenship.

With five enterprises, AA Corporation, The Gioi Di Dong (Mobile World), VNG Corporation, Thien Minh Group and Minh Phu Seafood Corp, Viet Nam ranked second in quantity of the honorees after Japan, with six enterprises.

The list also included three Korean enterprises and two Myanmar enterprises, while Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Singapore had one enterprise each.

According to the organisation, nomination as a GGC provides companies with an opportunity to join the larger GGC community of over 360 companies worldwide. These companies contribute to the Forum's meetings, projects and knowledge of products, which in turn supports the companies on their path to achieving responsible and sustainable growth.— VNS

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Theo tôi, Thoại cũng phạm tội không tố giác tội phạm.

To Trinh - Thursday, 13/08/2015, 21:18 Reply | Like

Nếu Thoại báo sớm cho công an biết về vấn đề Dương chuẩn bị mưu kế cướp của, giết người để cho công an theo dõi thì chắc không có sự đáng tiếc xảy ra trong căn nhà này. Suy nghĩ của Thoại kém về luật pháp như vậy đã đồng phạm với kẻ ra tay giết người, tuy rằng bản thân mình không tham gia nhưng biết mà không tố giác thì xem như là đồng phạm. Về vụ án này, Bộ Công an nên cho điều tra kỹ, tránh bỏ lọt tội phạm.

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Độc ác.

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