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Thursday, Jun 08, 2023 07:19

The event connects 14 service providers in the cross-border e-commerce industry to bring together solutions to support Vietnamese businesses to promote exports via e-commerce. — VNS Photo

Viet Nam could see its e-commerce export revenues rise to VND296.3 trillion (US$12.5 billion) by 2027, heard the 2023 Cross-Border E-Commerce Conference in Viet Nam in Ha Noi on Wednesday.

Amazon Global Selling and Viet Nam E-commerce and Digital Economy Agency (iDEA), Ministry of Industry and Trade kicked off their Cross-Border E-Commerce (CBEC) Conference in Viet Nam in response to growing demand from Vietnamese businesses and to empower them to capture the rising CBEC opportunity.

With the theme “Embrace Asian Experience, Vietnamese Brands Go Global”, held in Ha Noi on Wednesday and HCM City on Friday, the event will include a CBEC conference to share the most updated insights and information about the e-commerce export industry, a connecting day for 14 services providers in many services domains and presenting successful Amazon selling partners from South Korea, Singapore and Viet Nam.

According to the latest research by Access Partnership, Viet Nam could see its e-commerce export revenues rise to VND296.3 trillion ($12.5 billion) by 2027 if local businesses are fully enabled and accelerate the rate at which they adopt e-commerce to export their products and services.

The survey conducted among around 300 domestic micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Viet Nam found that 86 per cent of MSMEs believe that without e-commerce, they would be unable to export at all and they would lack the capacity to do exporting activities.

Moreover, local MSMEs are also looking towards expanding their footprint in more markets such as the United States, Japan, and European countries, over the next five years.

Seeing the potential of this industry, Amazon Global Selling is thus joining hands with Viet Nam E-commerce and Digital Economy Agency (iDEA) to organise CBEC Conference 2023 in Viet Nam with an expectation of raising awareness of CBEC among local enterprises, bringing online export experience from other countries in the region and from industry experts from service providers to empower, encourage and support businesses to accelerate their international growth while introducing more Vietnamese products and brands to customers around the world through CBEC.

This event is regarded as the first large-scale independent CBEC Conference in Viet Nam, acknowledging the participation of government representatives, industry associations, 14 service providers and successful sellers from Asia, and expects to welcome more than 1,500 visitors.

With the participation of representatives from government agencies and Amazon Global Selling Viet Nam business leaders, visitors can get updates about CBEC opportunities, trends, the readiness of Viet Nam for this new trade format, some initiatives and priorities from government and Amazon Global Selling to companion and empower Vietnamese businesses to achieve long-term growth and pave the way for global brands.

“Export value of Vietnamese businesses selling with Amazon increased by 45 per cent in 2022. Many Vietnamese businesses are ready to export online but are unsure of how to start and scale. We understand the challenges they face and that is why we are making continuous efforts to work with government agencies and service providers to organise this event to motivate, support and empower them,” said Gijae Seong, Head of Amazon Global Selling Viet Nam.

Amazon Global Selling was committed to enhancing the growth of businesses in Viet Nam and equipping them to embrace changes and reach new heights in this new global environment, he added.

“Cross-border e-commerce is a booming trend in many countries around the world. In Viet Nam, with a retail e-commerce growth rate of more than 20 per cent per year, this is also a new industry that is recognised as having great potential and is in line with the policy of developing the digital economy set by the Government,” said Lai Viet Anh, iDEA Deputy General Director.

iDEA has diversified its programmes to promote digital transformation, round off online export policies, identify the barriers MSMEs face, provide educational resources and training programmes to help Vietnamese businesses expand internationally, and achieve success on a global scale, said Anh.

Since setting up a dedicated team in Viet Nam in 2019, Amazon Global Selling has enabled thousands of Vietnamese selling partners to bring millions of Made-in-Viet Nam products to worldwide customers every year.

Export plays an important role in Viet Nam’s economy, with cross-border e-commerce booming worldwide, Amazon Global Selling is committed to working with government agencies and industry partners to help more Vietnamese MSMEs and brand owners capture this opportunity. — VNS

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