Ministry proposes reducing various fees and charges

Wednesday, Jun 07, 2023 09:13

Some fees in the securities sector is expected to be reduced by half, according to a proposal of the Ministry of Finance. — Photo

The Ministry of Finance has proposed reducing a number of fees by between 10 to 50 per cent.

These include fees and charges in the securities sector, fees for appraisal of licences for international travel service business, and for issuance of citizen identification cards. The reductions would be in effect from July 1 to December 31, 2023.

The ministry recently drafted and collected opinions on a circular stipulating the fee and charge rates to support people and businesses.

Accordingly, in the securities sector, the new fees will be reduced by 50 per cent compared to the prescribed rates in accordance with the fee schedule in the securities sector as stipulated in Circular No. 25/2022/TT-BTC, which governs the collection, payment, management, and use of fees in the securities sector.

This excludes fees for securities activity supervision and fees for the issuance, renewal, and re-issuance of certificates for individual securities practitioners at securities companies, investment fund management companies, and securities investment companies.

For the appraisal fees for granting licences for international and domestic travel service business, the new fees will be equal to 50 per cent of the previous fee rates prescribed in Circular No.33/2018/TT-BTC, which stipulates the fee, payment, and management of appraisal fees for granting licences in this field.

This also applies to the appraisal fees for issuing tour guide cards and granting licences to establish representative offices in Viet Nam for foreign businesses providing travel services.

The registration (confirmation) fees for using foreign barcodes will be reduced by half compared to the previous rates stated in Circular No. 232/2016/TT-BTC, which governs the fee collection, payment, management, and use of fees for barcodes.

Meanwhile, industrial property fees and charges will be halved compared to the prescribed fee rates in Section A of the fee schedule for industrial property fees as stipulated in Circular No. 263/2016/TT-BTC on the collection, payment, management, and use of industrial property fees and charges.

Additionally, several other fees and charges have been proposed to be halved, including those for granting licences for sending labourers abroad for working under contracts; appraising and approving fire protection and firefighting designs; issuing citizen identification cards; and fees related to animal husbandry. — VNS

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