Heatwave brings in the money

Thursday, May 16, 2013 15:38

Sunscreen clothes are hot items for summer days.--VNS Photo

HA NOI (Biz Hub) —The soaring temperatures of summer suddenly hit. may burn and blacken the skin, but for air conditioner salesmen and repairers, marketers of sunscreen cream, beverage providers and taxis drivers, summer time is when the money rolls in.

As temperatures prepare to rocket to 40 at the weekend, an aircon fixer in Ngoc Ha Street says he has hired three more workers to help with his business. Before, he had only one or two customers at a time, now his team must work until 9 pm to serve everyone.

Drinks sellers and sunscreen vendors are doing extremely well. A seller in Cat Linh Street said he could earn much more when the temperature rose. "Without the heat, how can we sell iced tea," he asked.

Iced tea is attractive in summer

A shop owner in Gia Ngu Street has recorded a sharp increase in sun creams, sunscreen masks, gloves and clothes.

Couriers and taxi drivers also gain from the weather. Nguyen Thi Ha, owner of an on-line food shop, said she must pay more for the service when it was hot.

She said being a courier at this time was much profitable than having a shop. "My courier can earn a million a day, while I must stay online every minute to provide feedback and serve my online customers. And I can never earn a million a day."

A professional courier name Thinh said she was receiving more than 40 orders a day at present. He makes VND30,000-50,000($1.5-2.5) on each delivery.Prolonged heat also helps taxi business as many people choose to cool off in taxis rather than walk and sweat in the heat.

Nguyen Phuong Mai, a mother of a two-month-old boy said she paid more than VND1 million for taxi fare a month to travel from her mother's house to home because she did not want her baby to suffer in the heat. Many mother share Mai's idea, most of the taxi agency record high calls for their serves.

According to the latest report from the National Centre for Hydro and Meteorological Forecasting, high temperatures are expected to continue for several days.-VNS

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