Cooling equipment market heats up to welcome summer

Saturday, Apr 20, 2024 14:48

People buy fans and air conditioners to serve their family's daily needs during the hot summer. — Photo

Many electronics supermarkets in Hà Nội have launched summer promotion programmes, reducing prices for cooling equipment such as air conditioners and fans, as the weather in the North has just begun to be hot and sunny.

Surveys at many electronics supermarket systems in Hà Nội such as Điện Máy Xanh, Media Mart and Nguyễn Kim show that businesses have updated the designs of electrical and refrigeration products along with offering preferential prices to meet the needs of customers, stimulating consumption in early summer.

In addition, electronics businesses have also been offering many attractive incentives such as free installation and gift vouchers.

Most stores and supermarkets offer incentives for installation and material costs, discount vouchers, warranty extension, instalments without interest, while focusing on developing e-commerce to increase competition in both price and design. This gives consumers more choices.

In addition to air conditioner products, many customers also look for hanging fans, standing fans and mist fans that have more affordable prices.

Nguyễn Ngọc Bích, a salesperson at an electrical goods store on Bạch Mai Street, said that the consumption of refrigeration products had risen significantly in the past two weeks compared to the same period last year.

“Summer is coming earlier, so many families are looking to buy fans and air conditioners of all kinds. The store will continue to import a variety of electrical appliances in addition to implementing more promotions to attract customers," she said.

Besides attractive prices and incentives, consumers have gradually turned their attention to air conditioning products that save electricity, cool quickly, and are eco-friendly.

Grasping consumer demand from buyers, many electronics businesses have promoted integrated energy-saving product lines (inverters) to serve customers.

A representative of Điện Máy Xanh system said that as electricity prices continue to fluctuate, consumers were increasingly paying attention to energy efficient devices.

With the ability to save electricity up to 60 per cent depending on the model and reasonable prices, suitable for the conditions of most consumers, inverter air conditioners are increasingly accessible and easy to buy for many customers.

In addition, energy-saving air conditioners also have superior features over older cooling devices such as less noise and increased lifespan.

However, the line of electronic products integrated with inverter technology still has some limitations. If they are run for a long time at maximum power they can be damaged.

In addition, although supermarkets have offered many incentives, the price of electrical appliances and refrigeration equipment with energy-saving functions is still much higher than conventional products.

Representatives of some electronics supermarkets noted that although sales of electronics systems were not high because the North was just entering summer, as hot weather continues, demand for refrigeration products and air conditioners would increase. — VNS

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