Bình Dương Province district announces development plans for until 2040

Monday, Apr 22, 2024 09:57

The People's Committee of Dầu Tiếng District announces development plans for until 2040 at a conference in the district on April 14. — Photo baobinhduong.vn

The People's Committee of Dầu Tiếng District in southern province of Bình Dương Province has announced development plans for until 2040.

The plan includes promoting and attracting investment among others.

The plan’s targets include, by 2025, the district’s Dầu Tiếng Town achieving Class 4 urban status.

The district will encourage the development of concentrated industrial zones, avoiding the establishment of production facilities outside designated areas after 2025.

Its industrial development will focus on minimising labour and land use, promoting green industries, zero carbon emissions, high technology, and Industry 4.0, and follow a model of industrial-urban-service integration synchronised with transport, technical and social infrastructure.

Tourism development will focus on developing four major tourist areas: Dầu Tiếng Lake, the Saigon and Thị Tính rivers (including Thị Tính Dam), Cần Nôm Lake.

These have tourism services focusing on healthcare, culture, history, accommodation, eco-tourism, golf, other amusement, and boat piers ​​over an area of 3500 hectares.

They will see the construction and widening of roads and bus terminals.

Dầu Tiếng is located in the northwest of Bình Dương Province on the border with Bình Phước and Tây Ninh provinces.

It is situated along the Mỹ Phước - Tân Vạn Expressway and provincial highways, a crucial transportation artery connecting the Mỹ Phước industrial zone in Bình Dương Province with Đồng Nai Province and HCM City.

Bình Dương is currently prioritising the construction and development of new industrial zones in this area. VNS

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