VN’s longest roller coaster to be launched

Wednesday, Mar 29, 2017 15:25

DA NANG — Queen Cobra, the biggest and the most modern roller coaster in Việt Nam, will be launched at Sun Group’s Asia Park in the central Da Nang City on April 1.

Queen Cobra, inspired by the five-metre-long snake found in the Indian state of Kerala, will set the record of being the longest roller coaster in Viet Nam with a 689-metre-long rail and 20 seats.

Queen Cobra is the longest roller coaster in Viet Nam . — Photo SunGroup

Made by Dutch Vekoma, which is known for manufacturing rides for global amusement park chains such as Disney and Universal Studios, Queen Cobra will take people to a height of 34 metres and plunge them down at a speed of up to 80km per hour. With six 360-degree loops, the ride will be perfect for adrenaline junkies.

This is the third roller coaster to be manufactured by Dutch Vekoma for Asia Park; the other two are Port of Sky Treasure and Garuda Valley. So far Asia Park offers 20 outdoor rides to its visitors.

A view of Asia Park at night. — Photo Sun Group

By setting up amusement parks across the country, the Sun Group aims to contribute towards developing infrastructure for the country’s tourism industry. — VNS

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