Sheraton Saigon debuts artisanal hand-crafted mooncake collection

Wednesday, Aug 02, 2023 15:48

Titled Autumn Dream, Sheraton Saigon collection includes three luxurious boxes featuring authentic mooncakes handcrafted by the hotel’s artisan chefs. — Photo courtesy of Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers

Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers has unveiled its unique mooncake collection this Mid-Autumn Festival, embodying an aspiration of a dazzling universe.

Titled Autumn Dream, the luxury collection includes three luxurious boxes featuring authentic mooncakes handcrafted by the hotel’s artisan chefs who have many years experienced handmaking mooncakes.

The first box, Mong Thu Yen Canh or serenity in autumn dream, is the standard version which boasts the rectangular design with a sheer shape, representing a magic box filled with floral dreams. Covered by delicate fabrics with elegant embossed patterns, the box displays two layers which resemble the combination of turquoise and coral.

The second box, Mong Thu Phi Dieu, which delivers the meaning of flying birds in an autumn dream, prides itself with its premium design along with a sophisticated travel bag themed with sky blue and leather encompassing clear-cut embossed patterns and locked with golden brass buckle.

The most anticipated box of the collection with limited edition features classic vintage green exemplifying an awe-inspiring luxurious refined box. Titled Mong Thu Huyen Vi or a dream towards a surreal universe, the box is the highlight of Sheraton Saigon’s collection with its eye-catching look, bragging shiny leather top-stiched with a diamond motif hooked with a golden logo buckle for an opulet, eye-catching design.

Each box is meticulously encased with two savory and two sweet fillings. The hotel’s artisanal mooncake collection consists of eight fillings, embracing timeless classics and newly-curated flavours.

Aside from pandan lotus, green tea, black & white sesame, cranberry and mixed nuts, Sheraton Saigon puts a spin on the traditional flavor by debuting the imperial Long Jing tea, the queen of green teas hand-picked in spring and infused with nourishing flavours of roasted hazelnut sweetness favored by royalty in ancient China.

Sous Chef Diep Nhieu, who leads the cooking team at the hotel’s Li Bai Cantonese restaurant, is considered the hero behind the mooncake creation, making Sheraton Saigon the only-five star hotel producing handcrafted mooncakes in house with more than 125,000 cakes per year.

Sheraton Saigon mooncake collection is available for sale until September 29 at the hotel’s lobby. — VNS

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