Prudential launches pioneering digital protection solution for 3 common critical illnesses

Thursday, Apr 08, 2021 09:10

Prudential Vietnam launches PRU-Care to provide customers with comprehensive protection at affordable prices against cancer, stroke and heart attack. Customers can easily and conveniently purchase it on Pulse by Prudential. — Photo courtesy of the company

Prudential Vietnam has launched PRU-Care, a new digital product that can be easily and conveniently bought on Pulse by Prudential.

It offers customers comprehensive protection at affordable prices against three common critical illnesses: cancer, stroke and heart attack.

PRU-Care is in line with Prudential’s strategy to diversify its portfolio of digital products, which cater to tech-savvy, convenience-seeking customers by helping them gain easy access to economic insurance solutions with substantial benefits.

Health is always an utmost concern regardless of what stage of life one is at. In the midst of the pandemic, non-infectious illnesses remain a thorny public health issue.

In Viet Nam, the rate of diagnosed stroke incidents has increased by 2 per cent a year among young people in recent years. According to figures published by the Viet Nam National Heart Association, one in every four people aged 25 to 49 suffers from high blood pressure, one of the primary causes of stroke in young people.

Last but not least, a growing number of people in Viet Nam are getting cancer, especially breast cancer, at five to 10 years earlier than before.

PRU-Care aims to provide financial protection against the three critical illnesses, cancer, stroke and heart attack, at an affordable VND88,000 (US$3.8) a year.

The product offers two options. The basic package provides protection against life-threatening cancers, while the advanced package protects customers from the three critical illnesses with various premiums corresponding to individual age groups.

With PRU-Care advanced package, customers are covered for up to VND405 million ($17.477) with two payouts, one for cancer and one for stroke/heart attack. What makes the product truly remarkable is that it provides customers with comprehensive protection at a very affordable cost.

Solution for tech-savvy, convenience-seeking customers

Customers can instantly and conveniently buy PRU-Care on their personal mobile device on Pulse, an artificial intelligence-powered health and wellness app. They can purchase PRU-Care and receive their e-policy in three simple steps without the need for a health check but by completing one health declaration instead.

The approach brings a whole new experience suitable for young people accustomed to the conveniences offered by digital technology.

Pulse of Asia - The Health of Asia Barometer, commissioned by Prudential Corporation Asia and written by The Economist Intelligence Unit, which surveyed 5,000 adults across 13 countries in Asia, found that the opportunities offered by digital health technologies helped improve access to healthcare.

Over four fifths (81per cent) of respondents said technology has already improved their access to health services and nearly two thirds (60 per cent) said it has improved their affordability.

In keeping with latest technology trends and seeking to expand quality health and wellness offerings at affordable costs for everyone, Prudential Vietnam launched the Pulse app in May 2020 with a holistic approach to supporting the three stages in a person’s health journey – prevent, postpone, protect – to provide users with comprehensive health management solutions.

On the launch of the company’s latest digital insurance product on Pulse, Phuong Tien Minh, CEO of Prudential Vietnam, said: “Leveraging the power of technology, we have recently expanded our digital and healthcare features to bring convenience and excitement in our customers’ health journey. The launch of PRU-Care, our third digital solution on Pulse, offers customers another choice for protection and a way to achieve greater peace of mind so they can get the most out of life.”

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