Prudential introduces new education plan, Pru- Hanh Trang Truong Thanh

Friday, Jan 08, 2021 17:29

Prudential Vietnam launches PRU - Hanh Trang Truong Thanh, a new education plant that helps parents create a guaranteed education fund for their children’s future and provides them with the flexibility to meet their financial needs at various stages in life. — Photo courtesy of the company

Prudential Vietnam Assurance Private Ltd. has launched a new education plan, PRU - Hanh Trang Truong Thanh, which is a solution unlike any other in the market and helps parents create a guaranteed education fund for their children’s future and provides them with the flexibility to meet their financial needs at various stages in life.

To be part of and witness the development of one’s child, from their very first steps as a toddler to adulthood, is a strong desire of every parent.

Fully aware and appreciative of the universal drive to see one’s children flourish, Prudential introduced PRU - Hanh Trang Truong Thanh to meet the essential needs of every Vietnamese family: to protect their finances from unexpected life events while building a sustainable future for their beloved children.

Not only will parents be able to ensure a bright future for their children with this flexible financial product, they will also have the freedom to meet short-term financial needs or fund important life events through cash value withdrawals.

PRU – Hanh Trang Truong Thanh can be bought for until the child turns 99 years with attractive accumulative benefits such as the investment interest of a universal life fund, loyalty bonuses, retention bonuses, and top-up benefits, all of which will contribute to the effective growth of a back-up financial fund to cater to every moment of a child’s growth.

In addition, when joining the new education plan, customers will be entitled to a waiver of premium for up to 30 years in case unexpected events (such as death or total permanent disability) strike the policy owner (parents).

With this benefit, parents can be assured that regardless of the circumstances they are facing, the education plan and future of their child will be guaranteed.

In addition to making preparations to provide their children with a solid financial foundation, modern parents, notably millennial parents (born between 1981 and 1995), also want to protect, support and let them be free to experience life.

For parents to fully understand and be able to accompany their children on their journey, the first step in appraising their potential is critical.

To help parents achieve this objective at an early stage, Prudential Vietnam also has a promotion programme called ‘For Love, discover your kids’ potential’ during the launch of PRU - Hanh Trang Truong Thanh with an attractive offer: a Genetica G-Smart genetic test kit priced at VND3.99 million (US$172.5) each for the first 2,000 policies with annual premium equivalent (APE) of VND15 million ($648.6) or more.

The programme will run from January 8 to April 30 this year.

By analysing 201 genes related to their child's intellectual potential, parents can get a clear understanding of their child's abilities as well as useful advice on suitable plans to optimise their child's development potential and orient their future.

Phuong Tien Minh, chief executive officer of Prudential Vietnam, said at the launch of the new education plan: "Every milestone a child reaches is also a milestone for parents to mature in their parenthood. Prudential wishes not only to offer a comprehensive financial solution, but also help parents understand and share every moment of their child’s life.

“With PRU - Hanh Trang Truong Thanh, we aim to bring parents peace of mind and confidence, and thus make their parenting journey more joyful and worry-free than ever.” — VNS

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