Produced in 60 days, a revolution in chocolate making

Tuesday, May 11, 2021 08:00

A cacao garden. Puratos Grand-Place Vietnam has created a revolution in chocolate making with its Chocolante 60DAYS Vietnam Dark 74% product in the entire process in less than 60 days. — Photo courtesy of the company

Puratos Grand-Place Vietnam said it has come up with a new product, Chocolante 60DAYS Vietnam Dark 74%, with new and more complex flavours that are unattainable in the “traditional” supply chain that spans well over one year from harvest to packaging.

When compared to a chocolate produced over one year under otherwise identical conditions, a chocolate expert panel noted that the product exhibited a “huge boost in fruity notes” and new flavours that are unique to the terroir, with mango, banana and passion fruit being very characteristic.

A report from the panel described the product as being “intense in cocoa, with slightly roasted notes. Its dominant fruitiness makes it unique. Citrusy, green and fresh floral notes bring a powerful freshness. Notes of brown fruits such as raisins make its fruitiness even more complex.”

Gricha Safarian, managing director of Puratos Grand-Place Vietnam, said: "I have always strongly believed that we were making the best chocolate in the world because in Viet Nam we have the rare opportunity to grow cacao and make chocolate from freshly harvested beans.

“After years of honing, 60DAYS finally proves it. I love how this unique chocolate reveals the distinctive fruity notes of the Viet Nam cacao bean. What is ground-breaking is that with the same beans and the same recipe, the flavours of 60DAYS are expressed much richer and stronger than a conventional chocolate. This opens a new way in how we make distinctive chocolate.”

Due to the dramatic improvement in quality, experts believe this will become the paradigm of the future.

Following the successful results in Viet Nam, Puratos is planning to implement this new model in Mexico.

The 60Days Chocolate was recently introduced in Japan. — VNS

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