Mirae Asset Prévoir introduces new digital insurance platform

Wednesday, Jun 22, 2022 18:14

MAP Life launches a new digital insurance-selling platform to better serve customers in Viet Nam. — Photo courtesy of the company

Mirae Asset Prevoir Life Insurance Company Ltd. (“MAP Life”) launched a new digital insurance-selling platform (digital.map-life.com.vn) on June 22.

Through the integrated technology, MAP Life introduces an efficient means to apprehend the coverage options and purchase online insurance products for customers in Viet Nam.

“Technology enables us to deliver simpler, better customer experience and enables us to connect better with our customers. Our digital platform will not only transform the fulfil expectation of enhancing the customer experience – providing ease, transparency, control and accuracy – but also ensure that customers own the right coverage at the right premium with comprehensive protection benefits,” said Ko Young Wan, chairman of MAP Life.

The new platform is part of MAP Life’s development strategy to strengthen its multi-channel distribution capabilities and better service broader customer segments in Viet Nam, to fulfil its goals of striving for better coverage and more comprehensive protection for customers.

The platform offers a wide range of protection covering every aspect of daily life, including health and life insurance. Moreover, the platform also enables policies to be underwritten and issued immediately after successful online purchases have been made.

The platform provides a simple, transparent and efficient premium calculation way. With at least four data points - name, phone number, date of birth and gender - the proprietary tool will provide consumers with the automated premium schedule with respective benefits in less than one minute.

Additionally, MAP Life has also introduced a new cancer care product, "Vung Tin Song Khoe", on this platform that allows customers to select suitable coverage according to their protection needs with greater flexibility. Customers who purchase Vung Tin Song Khoe on this platform can enjoy a range of coverage up to VND500 million. — VNS

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