Japanese-standard dairy products to enter Vietnamese market

Friday, Jan 11, 2019 12:49

NutiFood and Asahi announce the establishment of the Asahi-NutiFood joint venture. — Photo news.zing.vn

Vietnam Nutrition Food JSC (NutiFood) and Japanese beverage group Asahi, the owner of baby food brand Wakodo, on Thursday announced the establishment of a joint venture, aiming to bring nutritional products for children that meet Japanese standards to the Vietnamese market.

The joint venture, called Asahi-NutiFood, has been set up to take advantage of each side’s strengths, with NutiFood having long-term business experience, extensive distribution channels and deep understanding of Vietnamese child nutrition, and Asahi holding expertise in the production of high-quality powdered milk and baby food.

In the initial phase, the products, made under the advice of NutiFood experts to suit Vietnamese children, will be directly imported from Asahi’s factories in Japan.

According to Shoyama Katsuo, president of Asahi Group, Wakodo is now the leading brand in Japan.

Asahi had decided to choose NutiFood as its partner to conquer the Vietnamese market, he said.

Tran Thi Le, general director of the joint venture, underlined that the firm would support the healthy growth and development of Vietnamese infants and children, and pledged to provide the best nutritional value and teach Vietnamese mothers about Japanese healthcare.

NutiFood has already received a certificate from the US Food and Drug Administration to export a special nutritional supplement for children. It has also co-operated with Swedish-based Backahill Company and BASF group to apply international standards on dairy products for children. — VNS

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