iCareBase hosts Goodlife Festival in Thailand, seeks to beat cancer

Wednesday, Jun 19, 2019 16:36

Participants at the Goodlife Festival, a part of iCareBases “Cancer prevention from the root” project, organised by iCareBase and the Women Leaders International Networking from June 13 to 15 in Phuket, Thailand. — Photo courtesy of the organiser

The first Goodlife Festival, a part of iCareBases “Cancer prevention from the root” project, was held from June 13 -15 in Phuket, Thailand.

Co-organised by iCareBase and the Women Leaders International Networking (WLIN), the event provided health checks to the public and celebrities at Bangkok Hospital Phuket, one of top the medical facilities in Asia.

It also offered a full day of consultancy by professional doctors, psychologists and physical experts at the Amatara Wellness Resort in Phuket.

Participants included Prof Dr Nguyen Khac Thuan, psychologist Ly Thi Mai, consultant Ly Truong Chien, 2011 Mrs World runner-up Nguyen Thu Huong, emcee Phan Anh, theatre director Long Kan, 2012 Miss Sport Vietnam Lai Huong Thao, model Ha Vy, and 2018 Mrs International runner-up Loan Vuong and 60 others who underwent a genetic test.

Experts from “Doctors under the same sun” use advanced gene decoding technology at the event.

The technology is capable of screening and detecting early faulty genes and cells which are at high risk of getting cancer, and from that suggesting psychological, nutritional and lifestyle measures for prevention.

Participants were advised to change their lifestyle based on their genetic make-up, a lifetime healthcare map.

“Cancer prevention from the root” is a community project for global healthcare which has been successfully implemented by iCareBase in many countries.

It aims to raise the communitys awareness of how to proactively prevent cancer and minimise cancer-related deaths by building a healthy and positive lifestyle based on the Human Genome Program founded by Prof Dr Kampon Sriwatanakul, an internationally recognised pioneer of regenerative medicine.

The project has been able to detect 26 types of cancers and chronic diseases in men and 27 types of cancer and chronic diseases in women.

More information on the project can be obtained at hotline 090 661 29 79, info@phongchongungthutugoc.com and website phongchongungthutugoc.com.

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