Despite petrol price hikes, Co.opmart offers sharp discounts

Monday, Sep 11, 2017 15:00

From September 11 to 17 is the third week of sharp discounts at Co.opmart and Co.opXtra on agricultural products under their “Proud of Vietnamese goods” promotion month. — VNS Photo

With petrol prices continuing to increase and pushing up transport costs, the prices of some essential products have shown signs of rising.

But the Saigon Union of Trading Co-operatives (Saigon Co.op) continues to partner with suppliers to offer the promotions it had announced in early September for a third straight week.

Accordingly, in the third week (from September 11 to 17), as part of their promotion month called “Proud of Vietnamese goods 2017”, their largest promotion programme of the year, Co.opmart and Co.opXtra supermarket chains will continue to offer steep discounts on thousands of essential products together with gifts and bonus points.

During the week they will also have another promotion, “Vietnamese Agricultural Products – Everyday Good Prices”, offering discounts of 18-30 per cent on high-quality agricultural products such as seedless red watermelon, clean guava, ready-to-cook broadhead catfish, marinated broadhead catfish, broadhead catfish cooked with sauce, Tan Trieu pomelo, cucumber, papaya, white cabbage, tomato, cucumber, sponge gourd, wax gourd, crab, and others.

Many agricultural products have their prices discounted by 18-30 per cent under the “Vietnamese Agricultural Products – Everyday Good Prices” promotion at Co.opmart and Co.opXTra from September 11 to 17. — VNS Photo

Besides, under the Super Incentive programme from September 15 to 17, Co.opmart and Co.opXtra will offer discounts of VND40,000 to more than VND170,000 on many products like detergent powder, detergent liquid, shower cream, toothpaste, cooking oil, condensed milk, and soft drinks sold under the Co.opmart brand and other large brands.

In addition, there will be a programme offering more than 20,000 free gifts of Co.opmart 5l cooking oil and non-stick pans to customers and bonus points four to eight times higher than normal when customers buy certain products.

More information about them can be obtained at Co.opmart and Co.opXtra supermarkets.

Do Quoc Huy, Saigon Co.op’s marketing director, said the petrol price increases would affect commodity prices but after a 15-20 day lag, depending on the sector.

But it also depends on negotiations between distributors and producers, and it does not mean that a petrol price hike would right away push up the prices of goods, he said.

In the context of abundant supply and the city organising the sales promotion month to stimulate demand, the possibility of Saigon Co-op accepting suppliers’ proposal to hike prices is very low, he added. — VNS

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