Carlsberg unveils new technology to reduce plastic use

Friday, Sep 28, 2018 20:25

A world first for the beer industry, the Snap Pack technology will reduce the amount of plastic used in traditional multi-packs. — VNS Photo

Beer maker Carlsberg Group has announced it is replacing the plastic wrapping around its six packs with a pioneering technology that glues the cans together.

Snap Pack is set to reduce plastic waste globally by more than 1,200 tonnes a year, equivalent to 60 million plastic bags.

The company’s research and development teams worked closely with external partners for the innovation, which was three years in the making.

The other improvements include a switch to a different ink on its bottle labels to improve recyclability, a new coating on refillable glass bottles to extend their lifespan and therefore their environmental footprint and new caps which remove oxygen to make the beer remain fresher for longer.

The innovations are part of the company’s sustainability programme, dubbed Together Towards ZERO, which includes ambitions of zero carbon footprint and water waste.

They will first be used for the flagship Carlsberg brand. — VNS

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