unveils Source by Region feature to improve Vietnamese businesses’ competitiveness

Thursday, Jun 20, 2024 16:34

The 'Source by Region' feature showcases suppliers from key markets, such as Việt Nam. — Photo courtesy of, a leading platform for business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce, has launched 'Source by Region' feature to bolster the global visibility and competitiveness of Vietnamese businesses, alongside releasing its projections for the e-commerce market.

The announcement was made at the international summit of online exports co-hosted with Việt Nam’s Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) on Wednesday.

The 'Source by Region' feature is a showcase of suppliers from key markets, such as Việt Nam, on the homepage of’s mobile app, enabling buyers to conduct region-specific product searches.

The application will boost Vietnamese suppliers by offering them increased exposure to a vast audience of more than 48 million active buyers worldwide.

It also includes a dedicated 'Industry Hubs' section that highlights the distinctive industries and flagship products from key supplier markets. By showcasing premier categories hailing from each market’s national offering,, tailored to buyer interests, it promises to offer Vietnamese businesses new avenues to expand into new markets and cater to global buyer demand.

“The introduction of the ‘Source by Region’ feature represents our commitment to supporting Vietnamese small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)," said Mike Zhang, Head of Việt Nam Business at "This initiative aims to amplify their online presence and accentuate the exceptional quality and ingenuity of their offerings. We are confident that through this latest initiative, Vietnamese products will further gain the recognition they deserve on our global marketplace."

“We immensely appreciate the potential of’s ‘Source by Region’ feature. A specialised zone that showcases popular Vietnamese industry categories plays a crucial role in elevating the status of Vietnamese products in the international market. This initiative aligns perfectly with our department’s continuous efforts to spotlight Việt Nam’s unique products through our various trade promotional activities,” said Hoàng Minh Chiến, Deputy Director of the Việt Nam Trade Promotion Department.

At the same time also released its handbook Foresee 2024 Outlook, tailored for Vietnamese SMEs aiming to thrive in the global digital market place. This guide provides insights into emerging global sourcing trends and’s recent technological advancements that enable suppliers to leverage these trends effectively. It features real-life Vietnamese supplier success stories, highlighting the transformative power of digitalisation on business growth. — VNS

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