VinFast recalls over 2,079 EVs for error correction

Monday, May 27, 2024 16:49

A VFe34 model of VinFast. — Photo courtesy of VinFast

VinFast, a Việt Nam leading electric vehicle manufacturer, has initiated a recall of 2,097 cars within the country to address potential issues with various components. The affected models include VFe34, VF5 Plus, VF6 Plus, VF8, and VF9.

Among the recalled vehicles, 23 of the VFe34 and 131 VF5 Plus models, produced between September 9, 2023, and April 11, 2024, may have loose bolts securing the cover plate above the high-voltage battery, posing a risk of reduced water resistance.

For 47 VF6 Plus cars manufactured from March 18 to April 9, there is a concern regarding the brake fluid pipe connector, which may crack, leading to brake fluid leakage. This issue could trigger a warning on the control screen and potentially compromise the braking system's effectiveness. The repair for this problem is estimated to take about two hours per vehicle.

Some 1,134 vehicles of the VF8 and VF9 models (both Eco and Plus variants), produced between August 2022 and March 2024, may have been equipped with airbags of the wrong type in certain locations. After approximately 10,000 km of operation, affected vehicles may display an airbag error warning on the screen, prompting the need for inspection.

VinFast has commenced the recall program from May 24 to July 10, during which affected vehicle owners will have their cars inspected and necessary repairs or replacements carried out free of charge. The company has reported the recall to the Vietnam Register and will notify each affected vehicle owner accordingly. . — VNS

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