Ha Noi hosts Bytecoin Gala Tech 2018

Monday, Dec 03, 2018 08:17

Bytecoin gala tech 2018 was held in Ha Noi on Sunday. — VNS Photo Linh Anh

Experts, investors and hundreds of technology lovers gathered at the “Bytecoin gala tech 2018” held in Ha Noi on Sunday to discuss and analyse the applicability of blockchain technology in Viet Nam.

The event was organised by Bytecoin Foundation Vietnam, a company specialising in the research and application of blockchain cryptonote, a technology platform for the creation of bitcoin, a type of cryptocurrency.

At the event, experts determined that blockchain could be applied in many fields, including finance, manufacturing, public services, supply chains, education and energy. Blockchain technology will play an important role in building the digital economy and the fourth industrial revolution.

At the event, Bytecoin Foundation Vietnam also introduced Bcnex blockchain trading floor.

“The blockchain trading floor has many features that are different from previous technology products. This is a place for firms to learn and exchange the values ​​of products using blockchain technology in Viet Nam and around the world. The floor also provides supports for blockchain technology-based startups,” said Ngo Hoang Quyen, founder of Bytecoin Foundation Vietnam and CEO of Bcnex.

Blockchain is a continuous series of information blocks using code technology to link and secure safety, thus effectively preventing data modification.

It is designed to resist data changes because information in blockchain can not be altered and can only be if there is consensus of all nodes in systems. — VNS

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