Crossknowledge partners to provide training to Vietnamese businesses

Friday, Nov 03, 2017 16:22

Crossknowledge is partnering with MVV Coaching to provide online solution-based training to Vietnamese firms. — Photo Crossknowledge

France-based Crossknowledge, with 17 years of delivering digital learning solutions to businesses globally, is partnering with MVV Coaching to provide online solution-based training to Vietnamese firms.

“Viet Nam is a promising market for us, given the country’s large population and number of businesses,” Alexandre Giry Deloison, Crossknowlege's international business developer for Asia, Pacific, Europe, Middle East and North Africa, said at a media briefing on Thursday.

Not different from businesses worldwide, Vietnamese firms also face challenges such as talent retention, sale performance or cost reduction. Deloison said Crossknowledge’s solution-based approach would help solve corporate challenges and drive business.

“What makes Crossknowledge’s e-learning programmes different is that it is tailor-made to the demand of each company,” Deloison said, adding that Crossknowldge’s e-learning solutions were engaging, customisable and adaptive to different cultures and different businesses.

E-learning was now an increasing trend in the world which could be easily accessed by the firms’ entire workforce although there were many employees and they were in different places. In addition, e-learning solutions would help firms save costs and time, while enabling them to reach easily dispersed workforce and ensure high quality, he said.

Crossknowlege, which three years ago was acquired by US-based Wiley, one of the most prestigious publishers in the world, in a deal worth around $175 million, is now growing at a rate of around 25 per cent per year. They have more than 12 millions learners worldwide.

The company has around 350 corporate clients worldwide, many of whom were in the Fortune 500 list.

MVV Coaching is a business administration capacity training programme – an initiative to promote corporate university of MVV Education, a member of the MVV Group. — VNS

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