Workers could be replaced by robots: experts

Friday, Oct 20, 2023 16:25

Hoàng Nam Tiến, the Vice Chairman of FPT University Council spoke at the forum. — VNS Photo

Hoàng Nam Tiến, the Vice Chairman of FPT University Council, believes that workers need to constantly learn in order to avoid being replaced by robots.

Tiến made his comments during a forum that was co-held on Thursday by FPT corporation and Navigos to discuss career development amid economic recession.

At the forum, Tiến pointed out that as technology develops, robots are becoming capable of replacing humans in various tasks. Without retraining, workers will be at a disadvantage in the job market.

He cited the example of engineers who previously needed to know a foreign language and a programming language. However, with the abundance of programming resources available on the Internet, programming has become more accessible.

Tiến predicts that in the near future, artificial intelligence (AI) could replace journalists in regular news writing, making investigation and research the remaining crucial tasks for journalists.

Data analysis was highlighted as a valuable skill, and Tiến said he recommended that his children pursue careers in the data analytics industry due to its potential for high salaries. He stresses the need for lifelong learning and acknowledges that industries such as management and international economics now require more in-depth knowledge.

Tiến personally engages in self-study and acknowledges the importance of selecting good teachers and learning from classmates, regardless of their age. He considers artificial intelligence to be a vast field of study.

Also, at the forum Ngô Thị Ngọc Lan, Regional Director at Navigos Search, suggested that workers can pursue self-study in various forms but need to be selective due to time constraints.

Lan emphasised the impact of the technological revolution on unemployment and advised individuals to identify their goals, choose reputable course providers, and balance their time and financial resources when pursuing self-training. Good courses are those that align with future societal needs and provide opportunities to learn from capable classmates. — VNS

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