Viet Nam to become jeans production hub: Jeanologia

Monday, Apr 07, 2014 16:23

Jeans finishing process in Phong Phu Jeans International JSC.— Photo

HA NOI (Biz Hub) — Spanish company Jeanologia, which specialises in developing sustainable technologies for garment finishing, wants to make Viet Nam a global hub of jeans production.

According to Jeanologia's President Enrique Silla, Viet Nam has become a strong player in the global textile market, adding that the textile industry is now the main driver of local exports.

The president felt that the map of the Asian textile production is shifting in balance in favor of Viet Nam, which is emerging as a center of the global jeans production industry.

Cilla said that China, which had established itself as the largest manufacturer of jeans in the world, was increasingly relocating production centres, making Viet Nam one of the production hubs.

Regarding the local textile production, he said that Viet Nam could compete not only with its strong workforce but also in technology and efficiency. Jeanologia is equipping Vietnamese companies with sustainable laser and ozone technologies.

Jeanologia has become the primary technology partner of Viet Nam in eliminating both dangerous practices for workers and toxic discharges into the environment, saving million of litres of water at the same time.

To compare, 100 litres of water and 300 grams of chemicals are used to produce one pair of jeans in Viet Nam, as against the 30 litres of water and 150 grams of chemicals used to make a pair of Jeanologia jeans.

Cilla also saw major brands such as Levi Strauss, or retailers as UNIQLO, ZARA, H&M, G STAR, A&F, POLO JEANS or CK, noticing this change and focusing strongly on Viet Nam as a leading producer of jeans.

Meanwhile, Jeanologia's local partner Phong Phu Jeans International JSC told Biz Hub that both firms will take part in the four-day Saigon Textile & Garment Industry Expo (Sai Gon Tex) which will open on April 10 in HCM City. Both will showcase their latest machinery, services and production.

Jeanologia products and solutions are currently being used in more than 45 countries, including Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, USA, Germany, Italy, Portugal, India, China, Russia, Japan, Morocco and Bangladesh.

PPJ was set up in 2007 in HCM City as a member of the Phong Phu Group for promoting denim and other Vietnamese fabrics and apparels in international markets in a refreshing way.—VNS

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Cứ nhập loại hàng này về thì đừng hỏi tại sao tai nạn lao động chết người lại xảy ra ngày càng nhiều hơn. Hàng trăm tấn sờ sờ trước mắt chẳng lẽ không ai thấy sao???

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