TCPVN inspires Viet Nam’s youths, targets sustainability

Thursday, Oct 15, 2020 08:00

Nguyen Thanh Huan, country director of TCPVN

TCPVN, a company that owns the famous Red Bull and Warrior brands in Vietnam, has collaborated with the Central Vietnam Youth Federation to undertake activities targeted at youths as part of its focus on sustainability. Nguyen Thanh Huan, country director of TCPVN, speaks about its plans and the co-operation with the Central Vietnam Youth Federation.

Why has TCPVN joined CVYF in its quest to popularise an active lifestyle and made joint plans for the future?

Spreading positive energy and accompanying Vietnamese youths on a journey towards sustainable development are an important goal of this co-operation as well as a long-term aim of TCPVN. That is why we have established a long-term partnership with the Central Vietnam Youth Federation (CVYF). We have reason to believe CVYF will be a valuable partner and help us accomplish this mission.

Can you tell us what TCPVN is currently doing and what it plans to do in future to contribute to the development of youths and future?

With sustainable socio-economic development as its focus, TCP always seeks to carry out practical activities that contribute to the development of youths in Viet Nam. Recently Red Bull, one of the brands invented and owned by TCP, organised the Positive Power campaign to create opportunities for young Vietnamese to awaken the positive energy within them. As part of this campaign, Positive Day, on July 11 some 2,000 people set an Asian record for the largest participation in hands-on activities in the Vietnamese map to spread positive energy across Viet Nam. This record is a testament to the explosion of positive energy that was sparked in the community. This is just one of our activities, and we will continue to implement more plans to develop Vietnamese youth. We hope these plans will receive support from not only the Government but also the Vietnamese people, working together towards the country's sustainable development goals.

Covid-19 does impact businesses severely, companies have changed their business strategy. As a company that owns many leading brands, why do you not focus on recovery after Covid and instead keep working on sustainability activities?

The COVID-19 outbreak has impacted businesses all over the world, and yes TCPVN is not an exception. However, not only was the co-operation between TCPVN and the Central Vietnam Youth Federation established a long time ago, but also TCPVN has a long-term plan for sustainability regardless of the pandemic.

From the very beginning after establishing the relationship, we came to a consensus because of the common objectives of spreading energy and positive lifestyles, and assisting Vietnamese youths with starting a business. This is a complete, long-term, serious tie-up aligned with TCPVN’s mission and the vision of the TCP Group in Vietnam. Covid-19 is not something we expected, but because of it TCPVN believes co-operation between enterprises and the Government is more important than ever to support Vietnam and to stand with the country.

Is Việt Nam one of the most important markets in TCP's business development strategy?

TCPVN may be a new name in the Vietnamese market, but you might already know Red Bull, one of the prominent brands owned by TCP, which has been available for 20 years. And during the past two decades we have always tried our best to prove our own identity and quality and have always received the trust of consumers across the country.

For TCP Group, Viet Nam is one of the most important and fastest growing markets in the region. In 2018 TCP Group decided to expand its business in Vietnam by setting up TCPVN to offer a more extensive portfolio to Vietnamese consumers. And we believe we will always strive to make a positive contribution towards the younger generations in particular and Vietnam in general.At the same time, we will implementing more sustainable activities in near future to Vietnam market.

TCP Group is committed to sustainability and contributing to communities in which we operate. Our collaboration with CVYF is part of that commitment.

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