Prospects dim for VN electronics

Saturday, Aug 24, 2013 11:47

A worker produces electric engines for the Ha Noi Electro-mechanical Manufacturing Co Ltd. Viet Nam's mechanical electronics industry is lagging behind other countries. — VNA/VNS Photo Minh Dong

HA NOI (Biz Hub)—Viet Nam's mechanical electronics industry was lagging behind other countries due to a lack of facilities and well-qualified engineers, leading industry experts claimed at a development strategy meeting yesterday.

Dr Pham Thi Huyen of the Viet Nam Development Forum said growth was a key motivator for developing countries like Viet Nam to produce equipment and devices for construction, transport, processing and health sectors, which were already internationally competitive.

However, according to experts, the country's mechanical electronics products remain rudimentary and sub-standard, with low intellectual value.

Viet Nam has failed to produce high-value components required by the world market, such as transistors.

The main issue was the country's total lack of modern laboratories to serve the industry, said experts, adding that technological assembly lines were backward and in need of investment.

Moreover, the country's engineers were just about capable of accomplishing tasks in a specific sector such as mechanics, electronics or automatics, but could not serve the mixed and comprehensive industry of mechanical electronics, they said.

Dr Tran Anh Quan of Institute of Machines and Industrial Equipments said it was necessary for the country to invest in creative software designs and the intellectual values of mechanical electronics products.

Dr Nguyen Ngoc Son of the National Economics University said the best way to develop the industry was to focus on training and supplying enough qualified engineers.

There was a pressing need to train mechanical engineers who are knowledgeable in automation theory and other technologies, so that they are able to design and produce complete products, he said.

According to the country's development plan for the mechanical electronics industry, about US$125 million will be invested in the industry up to 2015 and $134 million for the 2016-25 period.

The industry is expected to earn $18-20 million from its exports by 2015 and $60-65 million by 2025. — VNS

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